Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Flowers All Year Around

Summer is slowly coming to an end.
My children are preparing themselves for early morning wake-ups
and darker days. The thought of 5 o'clock mornings are exhausting me
already (laughs) Good thing there is strong coffee, I better stock up.
I am looking forward to the snuggles and cozy blankets coming out of
hiding again. Especially here in beautiful New England where winters truly
are chilly and (usually very) white ((heart))

 I thought it would be nice to make some bright and happy popcorn crochet flowers
to hang around the house. Adding a bit of *happy* to the rooms.
It is like having summer vibes all year around.

I love crocheting flowers!
Especially ones that pop up!

I made some extra and added a long flower garland to my shop, too!
I guess I am ready for Autumn and Winter now.

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