Monday, 3 July 2017

Such Wonder

Life can be such a wonder.
I often find myself just sitting and have a head full of absolutely nothing.
The world around me, instead, is so incredibly full, I don't have any need to form any thought.

 There is nothing like getting a muddy and soaking wet backside whist sitting at a lake.
Mind you, I had no idea how soggy my quiet spot was until I got up.
Was I bothered? Nah. Why would I be.
I just sat and soaked not just my jeans, but also myself with the amazing views
right there in front of me. There is such a noise in a forest when we actually calm
ourselves and actually listen to the world around us. With all that stillness I honestly thought I
could even hear the butterflies and the dragonflies travel gently by me.
I am really glad for all the noise.
Gives me the excuse to empty myself of all the rubbish our head fills up with.
Thank you planet Earth.
I am glad I am here.


  1. I adore the quiet ...
    So glad to see you post again on your blog.

    1. I am so glad to be back again Rose <3


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