Monday, 25 January 2016


A little crocheting in the evening, keeping my hands busy, chatting to my many children.
Extra children popping in an out. Pots of earl tea grey and never quite being able to watch any
kind of television. Endless interruption and programs always paused.

Yes, crocheting in the evening is lovely.
I started this project and have not yet decided what it will be.
I might never decide what it will be.
But I do know that there will be tea.
And lots of company.


  1. Beautiful soft and gentle colors.
    The "movement" within a house can be soothing in its own way.

  2. Mooie kleurtjes!
    Ik hoop ook weer snel aan de haak te kunnen.

  3. So beautiful! Crocheting is one of the sweetest ways to keep my hands busy while being apart of my older children's daily lives!! I am so happy to find you again here on blogland!! And here in the states!! Your snowy pictures look lovely and dreamy where you live! Hugs to you, Colette


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