Thursday, 2 May 2013

Very Pleased

I am Lilla Lotta, very pleased to meet you!

How are you doing today? 
Would love to hear who what where you are!


  1. I'm good today, though off to sleep now after a long day pulling up carpet for new floor boards tomorrow and I live down in Australia on the coast of course.. lovely to see the water every day. Thank you for asking.

  2. Hi...I'm dolores...wife and mother of two aged 26 and 24. Sewing machine enthusiast and player of fabric and yarn, gardener, pretend artist, and fan of the road less traveled! Collector of little creamers and books and love my music played at 11(loud!)!:)

  3. Lilla Lotta .. your script is so wonderful! Lisa here .. shopkeeper of ZiBagz .. creatively repurposed delights .. shoulder bags, clutches, embroidered sachets, tattered flower brooches & the like. Pleased to meet you! Hope you are having a most excellent day!!

  4. Great to know you... I am a crazy hat maker!

  5. Please... let us see an illustration by you on your nails... please!!!!

  6. Dear Sweet Anna

    So glad you are back in the saddle creating once again! I missed your art and you! Keep up the good work dear friend!

  7. Hej!
    En svensk kvinna som beundrar din fina text och härliga band.
    Vi väntar på lite mer värme här uppe i Norden. Den lär vara på gång.
    Önskar en härlig helg.

  8. very pleased to meet you too ~
    such lovely script....
    I am well, enjoying a pretty spring, wildflowers just beginning to bloom here in NW Montana. thank you for sharing the lovelies you create with us.


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