Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Rolls and rolls of tapes. Soon I will make brand-new designs.


  1. Oh I love this .
    I also love doing those things like rolling things .
    I also like to orden things ...small things
    ( not my house ) but buttons or shells or my board ( prikbord )
    I love making balls of wool ....over and over again . The children in my classroom always loved that too ...
    I am trying to get some order in my very neglected garden . Just little bits , cannot do a lot at a time but here also ....I love to seek and find the surprise of ordening.
    My sweet and beautiful Elisabeth has had four chemo's and still two to go .....
    She is doing well , wears her wig just being her positive self ...
    We even almost forget she now has just one breast left . Being 28 and dealing with all that ...
    Yes it is so true .....we learn from our children and not the other way around .
    I so often wondered how this could be my child .
    She is always happy and loves who she is .
    Very outgoing and with lots of friends .
    Even now she still has all that !
    Being a mother sure is the greatest gift .
    Anna enjoy your children and be happy , You make me happy with all the beautiful things you make . Such an inspiration ......

  2. woh wat zien ze er gaaf uit!! Echt super.
    Ik ben eigenlijk zo benieuwd hoe je ze maakt?

  3. I am always excited to see new homemade goodness from you!

  4. Hello Anna, your tapes are really very nice! J.

  5. Hi Lilla Lotta,

    We love your tapes and could not find a website to contact you.

    Would you be interested in allowing us to distribute your tapes to Australia and New Zealand?

    I won't go into details but our email address is We specialise in distributing craft products but primarily a boutique range of dies and feel that your tapes will be perfect for our customers/retailers.

    I look forward to talking further on this.

    Have a fabulous day!



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