Sunday, 18 March 2012

I sit and stare. Ponder and wonder. Take it all in, from the biggest to the smallest, I can find appreciation for it all. There is such a sense of calm in all that speaks the loudest. The sense of being, and simplicity. The knowledge that life might have limits, but the mind has no boundaries. I sit and observe. And plan what it is that I would like from my life. And finally finding calm in knowing that I don't know. Perhaps that is the blessing. Traveling through this life with no destination. Taking it for what it is. Even the lower tides have taught me so much. And I am looking forward to soaring again. And if I won't, that is okay, too. I shall enjoy the pondering.


  1. Peace to you, Anna. I think of you often. I too think thoughts like this lately, not knowing where my health will allow me to travel through this journey called life...My head and my heart seem just as eager as an ambitious child's but the body is rarely on board. Tomorrow I have an appointment that holds promise...but I take it as it is. I hope you enjoy sunny days.

  2. I know what you are saying - kind of. I'm more at the angry fighting it stage!
    I often wonder how you are. Much love to you! xo

  3. You do come in my thoughts now and then, Anna. Sending love to you >>>>>>>


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