Saturday, 9 July 2011


I have been grinding to a complete halt for so long it seems.
All I do takes so much effort, I end up wanting to sleep all the time.

I will be going to specialists this Summer for more (blood)testing trying to figure out why I feel the way I do. Having to cope with chronic pains and niggly rubbish symptoms such as a total loss of motivation and concentration has been soul destroying.

I do apologize for my absence, my silence and ridiculous delays in replying to emails.

Let's see if I can get this body of mine back into service somehow.

Wishing you all a wonderful Summer and much goodness


  1. Anna, I have the same sort of symptoms as you too but most likely for different reasons. I know just what it is like to feel like how you have just described and to feel utterly destroyed because of it. Self love, rest and diet are the best things you can do for yourself right now. Are the docs testing for things like celiac, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, thyroid conditions ....??

    Try and dose yourself up on omega 3, spirulina, green juice and loads of water while you are wAiting for some answers.

    Much love to you. xo

  2. Anna ik bewonder je moed en doorzettingsvermogen
    om ondanks wat je allemaal beschrijft en veel meer wat je niet beschrijft , om ondanks dat
    toch steeds te proberen , te zoeken , te doen .
    Houdt aub moed lieve Anna.
    zoek ook zelf op internet want dokters weten en zien ook niet alles .
    ik denk aan je .

  3. Been going through the same, have had a bit of a switch up of diet and have reduced my lactose content (was never a fan of diary in the first place) owing to having more than usual. Has eased symptoms.

    I hope whatever it is, if it is something, it's not serious. It could just though mean that your body needs a time-out. Like complete time-out.

    Best wishes

  4. SO SORRY, Anna. I will send you many thoughts of wellness. Please take good care of yourself.♥

  5. So sorry to read that you are still not feeling well. Have you been tested for Menopause? Some women have sever symptoms like the ones you have mentioned. Best to you...and lots of green tea!

  6. Come and join the new club. I think we're all "in for repairs". In all seriousness though, big big hugs to you. I know what you're going through and it is not easy. Much love to you.


  7. I hope you feel better soon and find some answers !

    I have among other problems Fibromylgia much like Chronic Fatigue only with more pain. All the auto immune problems are very hard to pinpoint. Even if the doctors think they have "named" your problem the course of action is always somewhat muddled.
    The menopause idea was a possible idea to look into.

    I know it is easy to say but try and rest and like many have said eat well as you have been doing so far.

    cheers, parsnip

  8. Anna, I am so sorry for your health issues! Maybe they can give you some answers to all that you are going through.

    Hope to hear some good news soon!

  9. Hi Anna, sorry to hear about the fatigues and hope the test would find some clues. My friend has had a similar symptons, (unfortunately forgot what was called) but gradually getting better. Thinking of you. xm

  10. Wish you a good, relaxing summer! Catch as much sun as you can get, it might turn into vitamines for your soul.

  11. Wishing you a lovely warm summer and improved health.

  12. wat hoor ik dit soort klachten toch best vaak om mij heen; b12 tekort, lyme, fibromyalgie ..
    Hoop dat jij je antwoorden gaat vinden en weer beter voelt!
    Je was toch ook van gezond eten om je lichamelijk beter te voelen? ik kwam laatst op deze wie weet heb je er wat aan..

  13. Ann, your symptoms sound a lot like mine. I have fibromyalgia. Maybe you do, too. There is hope for you and I will be praying for you. Twyla

  14. Dearest anna! really sorry to know that you're going through this. Hope that you'll be able to find out the cause of it soon and i truly hope all that is required of you is just a little more rest. yes, i do agree too, that green tea be added to your daily sip.

    lots of love and hugs!!!

  15. If you're up for it, I'd research Lyme if I were you. My Top1 has been very ill with similar symptoms. Heavy antibiotics finally took care of those. (Be prepared for a shock though: This is hard to prove, Lyme resembles all kinds of "vague" diseases, including fibromyalgia, and is often disregarded by docotors.) If there is no clear-cut answer from your doctor, please do research this multisystem disease.

    Top2 @ Flowtops

  16. I pray for rapid healing for you, dear Anna. You will get your body "back into service". Take care and hear from you soon xx

  17. So sorry you are not feeling your best. Rest, fluids, alot of fresh fruits and veggies. Hope your doctor appointments goes well and you find yourself back on the road to your old self.

    My best,

  18. Catching glimpses of your joyful creative life always brings a ray of sunshine into my day. Knowing that you've been struggling with this malaise weighs on my heart. But your strength also inspires me to open my eyes and heart to the beauty and pleasures that are so bountiful in our lives, even amidst the suffering and pain—much as you have done. I send you my best wishes, and hope these words of support can bring to you a fraction of the joy you've brought into my life on the other side of the globe.

  19. I thought also in Fibromyal but surely doctors also have already thought of that hypothesis, not Ana? hope you get well soon, big kiss and a hug for you my friend! love ♥

  20. Anna, I'm so sorry you are not feeling well again. It seemed from blog land that you were going strong again. I'll be praying you find some answers.

  21. So sorry Anna. If there's anything I can do, you know I'm just around the corner..... x x

  22. There is always sunshine after rain.
    Wish your sunshine will come soon!


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