Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Up and Down

It has been such an up and down couple of days.
Finding wee kittens in the garden. And these tiny creatures filling the house with their tiny miaows, and persistent demands for food. Honestly it is the cutest thing feeding these babies from a little bottle.

During all this my Mr. Lillalotta was quite unwell.
Men being men, I had to push so hard to finally get him into the hospital to be checked. Because he was just fine, you know. The grey skin colour, fever and distended stomach simply can not be a good sign.
And I am so thankful he went when he did. His appendix was near rupture, and I have no idea how he continued on pretending he was just okay.
He has had his operation swiftly yesterday, and will be in the hospital for the rest of the week.

In the mean time I had my daughter home with a stomach bug and my twin feeling off.
The sofa has the little people snoozing on it. The big chair has my bigger daughter on it. I am working through my orders, and I feed the three kittens in between. I am definitely developing a couple of twitches.
Needless to say all this running around is making me totally fit.

If any one knows of a good place to order another set of hands, please contact me asap :)

Oh and there is time to join in on my Give Away until Friday! Here is a link to the post!



  1. I am so glad Mr. Lillalotta listened to you! And wish him a recovery just as swift as the surgery!
    And nope... no extra hands to be found around here. If anyone happens to find more than one pair, please send me some too ;-)

  2. lieve Anna, mannen, waar zouden ze zijn zo zonder ons..hoop dat hij snel opknapt, als je om de hoek zou wonen zou ik er aan zijn gekomen, want in tegenstelling tot jou, weinig (meer)te doen hier..
    Ik zend je dus mijn virtuele handen en hoop dat je er wat aan hebt..
    (de katjes zijn aanbiddelijk..)

  3. You poor thing....what a week..thank God your husband went to the hospital..that is really pretty scary...and as for the kittens..I think they could lap on there own by now even if it seems early...they do have a kitten formula that is a powder to mix with water.. They would probably eat a kitten wet food mixed with a little water ..sometimes cows milk can upset there tummies..I had to had feed one of mine years ago...I found him only hours old...he was so dear...I just love kitties...any age any color any size..but kittens are the best!!!

  4. Anna, you poor thing! I do hope Mr Lillalotta recovers fast & well. What a close one! Do take care of yourself, your body would be running low on fuel Id imagine. Now's probably when you need your mum for those extra set of hands.
    Thinking of you all! Kristy xx

  5. Oh Anna it never rains but it pours eh!! Glad husband is on the mend and how lucky for those kittens to have found a home! Take care of yourself too. xx

  6. I hope the week ends smoother then it began. If anyone can handle this kind of crazy week, you have proven many times you can. You are amazing Anna!

  7. Glad to hear the Mr. is ok and got to hospital in time. Sorry for the sickness going through your home. Good on you for being a kitty rescuer!

  8. Glad to hear the good news !
    Be sure to take of yourself too !

    cheers, parsnip

  9. Gek he! Dat het lijkt of moeilijke of zware gebeurtenissen
    Zich bundelen. Ik heb er vertrouwen in dat het goede dat ook doet!
    Veel beterschap voor de zieke en veel plezier met die schattige poesjes.

  10. So much has been going on ....and I have been completely out of touch. Sorry :-(


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