Saturday, 2 April 2011


I do so love insanely fat snail mails from far away friends. 
Trinity does not do normal mail. Hers comes from a magical land. 
It took me over an hour to read the endless handwritten pages. 
I do miss the 'art mail' days. Many with whom I used to swap 
and trade arty packages have gone on to publish books and
being amazing artists. 
trinity mail
One day when days are longer, and less filled with children, I will go
back to mix media and papery art. My paintboxes are abandoned mostly,
and my pencils used up by much smaller hands. One day, one day... 

Delila Delights
This coming week I will also do a feature on my blog with
Do come back soon for a post filled with goodness from her. 

In the meantime, do enjoy your weekend! 
My youngest three children have decided to play in the garden
and have their favourite song on repeat, erm, Rudolph the 
Rednose Reindeer :/ I can feel a twitch coming on....



  1. Hi Anna:
    Thanks for my first giggle of the morning! (Song on repeat...)

    Your mail looks intriguing and beautiful, and I'm looking forward to your feature on Delila. Enjoy the rest of your weekend...twitches and all ;-)


  2. Song on repeat... twitches guaranteed !

    cheers, parsnip

  3. :-) Ik hoorde deze week eindeloos "Mamma Mia" van Abba... Ook zo'n fijne 'hanger'. En prachtig werk van je vrienden-van-ver!
    Fijn weekend nog,

  4. Oh, that mail looks lovely....I'm smiling at the fave song been a Christmas carol - my daughter's fave is "Away in a Manger" and can be heard coming out her mouth (also on repeat!) at ANY time of the year, LOL!


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