Saturday, 5 March 2011

Stop the freight train, I want off

It has been one of those weeks, well, more than a week, really.
And it has not finished. Dare say that it still is in the starting stages, possibly.
In the last week of school there had been the warning there was an outbreak of scarlet fever and rubella. We had not been told. On Saturday one child was coming down with a fever ,which climbed consistently into the 39's. I nearly died of shock when she broke out in the most hideous rash, and she could not open her eyes anymore. The fever was giving her hallucinations. We went to the doctor straight away, and were immediately sent to Foix hospital emergency. Her heart rate was up and blood pressure was down. The doctor was uncertain what the rash was. I honestly did not think I could breathe when he told me so matter of fact-ly.
In the hospital three different doctors stated it was German measles. And there is no medicine available, as it is viral, not bacterial. To go home and let her rest. If she was to act bizarrely to come back, as then the infection might have moved to her brain. She could not stay in hospital, she was too contagious. My other four children had to be taken to the gp for booster shots immediately. My first child still has a hideous rash, but the fever is coming down. Now we have to sit and wait to see if my other four children will get it, too. Two are already coughing, and have a slight temp. Please let it be the common cold.
Both my husband and I have a sinus infection, and are running low. This might be the effect of the rubella. Although we have had it when we were young. It is funny how doctors can never give you certain's. Only maybe's or might's.

So now I don't really know what to think, anymore.


  1. I can't even begin to guess how you and your family are feeling at the moment.
    All I can send you are my thoughts and prayers that you and your family find the strength to get through this difficult time.

  2. Hang on there, all will be well again. Wish you and your family a lot of strength, beterschap!

  3. o jee, wat een akelig bericht, probeer Hoop te houden op een goede afloop, die vast wel komt..
    adem in en adem uit, en heel veel beterschap voor jullie allen!x

  4. Gosh Anna, what a nightmare! I wish I could be your neighbour and do your cooking and cleaning for you through this. Instead it will have to be love sent with some strength to help.

  5. Oh my you are going through a lot at the moment. Wishing all of you a speedy recovery (hugs). X

  6. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about this. I'm sending my warmest thoughts and hope your daughter and all your family gets well soon.

  7. Anna, I have been thinking of you this past week, hoping all was fine. Im abit of a worrier all the time! I can only imagine the sadness you must be feeling. Keep your chin up & do as you do every day with your family... give all the love & comfort to them as you can.
    You & your family will be in my prayers & thoughts.
    Kristy xx

  8. Oh dear, my son has a high fever right now so I can really relate... wish you all the best and hope you all will be fine soon... lots of love from Sweden.

  9. Oh my! I hope your family is back on their feet soon and no one else gets this horrible rash! Sending you happy and healthy thoughts across the big blue pond!

  10. Hoping all the stars in the sky pull together and bring some much needed light to your dark dark days!!! xXx

  11. Hope you're all feeling much better soon!!!

  12. Oh I am so sorry... I am hoping all is well soon in your home.
    When your children are sick it is so hard on the parents too, because we want to make it better and sometimes we can't. And like the child we have to wait it out.
    Hope everyone is much better soon.

    cheers, parsnip

  13. Oh, wat schrikken zeg!! Ik kan jullie alleen maar veel sterkte toewensen en hopen dat de anderen niet ziek gaan worden.

  14. Hope you all get well soon!

  15. Oh no, what a terrible time you're having. Every parent knows exactly how hard this is... Try to sleep when they are asleep, rest when you can...ditch all housework - dust bunnies are very friendly creatures. In a short while they will all be well and it will be like nothing ever happened.


  16. I hope things are a bit better now. I'm sending you healing thoughts. KarenS

  17. oh Anna toch . Lang geleden hadden mijn kinderen ook de mazelen .... Omdat ik een antroposofisch huisarts had werd ik heel goed begeleid.
    Natuurlijk is het heel akelig om je kind zo ziek te zien ,
    Maar .... in de ontwikkeling van een kind kan het iets bijzonders doen.
    Ik heb er natuurlijk boekjes over maar wellicht als je op internet gaat kijken ...
    in de homeopatische of antroposofische benadering kan je wellicht ook een beetje gerust gesteld worden.
    Het is enorm afzien als je kind zo ziek is ,
    ik dacht dan altijd wel.... nu komt het er op aan ..... het moederschap !
    Sterkte en het komt hopenlijk allemaal goed .

  18. Lieve Anna,
    Wat een schrik!!! Ik hoop dat het snel zal beter zal gaan met je dochter en dat jullie allemaal weer opknappen.
    Veel sterkte en liefs,

  19. Wishing everyone well soon. x

  20. Sending you strength and positive thoughts. Hope your family are all well very soon xx

  21. Hope you all get well soon!

  22. Hope things are on the better side by now. Take care. I am thinking of you so many times.

  23. Thinking of you, Anna, & praying that all is well for you.....

  24. oh no Anna, I had no idea :( I really keep my fingers crossed that it will clear as soon as possible, and that no other child will get it.
    I keep you all in my thoughts & sending warm, and get well wishes.

  25. ((Anna)) I'm so sorry - I'll be praying for your family to recover 100% and quickly.

  26. Hello Anna dear, how is the measle situation by now? Is Danika recovering? Did any of the younger muffins get sick too?

    Wishing you all the best and get-well-soons.

    Much love, Trin XXX


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