Wednesday, 16 February 2011

s i l e n c e

For some odd reason I have noticed I am very much a non-talker on my blog. I am not sure how this happened, or why it happened. It is almost giving the impression that I am quiet by nature and don't say much. This makes me smile. Because I am. Kind of. But I am also definitely not. ( sorry but one of my weaknesses is being very contrary ) I sometimes give out about my children chatting too much, I grumble about it, and stroke my poor ears, tired of listening to a non stop attack of talk for 10 hours or more. This is when mr.lillalotta laughs. At me. ( not with me, mind ) and shakes his head. What? I will say. What? And he will say Well, the children are creations from your gene pool, you know. 

But there is also lots of pondering going on in the home. Sometimes this is done vocally, and sometimes in silence. Stillness is such a lovely thing.  Usually this quiet has the soft sounds of music being blasted through head phones. There will be one child on the sofa, another child at the kitchen table whilst drawing. And of course the beeping and annoying music from game consoles mixed in. Even our  fridge joins in, and certainly makes a funky sound. 

I suppose there is never any silence in my home. 
That is  why it makes me smile that I seem to be "quiet" on my blog. 


  1. sometimes silence is good :)

  2. Oh Anna, I think I'm in the similar situation as having 2 kids and a man in my house and they just love to talk. I can also hear music, games, frigde, traffic on the street next to our house... and sometimes even the people talking right next to our window, outside on the street I mean. So... having those silent moments... it's just a must every once in a while.

    I don't think you're that quiet on your blog though... I like your posts and I know that there is A LOT going on inside your head anyway :)!

    Have a beautiful day!

  3. I never wondered about you being quiet or not quiet in your blog. I enjoy when you are here, I think of you when you are not. And naturally, it is loud, when there's a family of 7 in a house. It's never really silent in our home either although there's rarely music, because I enjoy those silent moments so much.

    It is good to read from you and see pictures of your beautyful family.

  4. sometimes the silence in your head makes up for the chaos all around. I cherish the silence when I'm home alone but I also hate it and miss Harrison and Matt for the noise and mess... which I grumble about.

    except in the morning. I'm an evil witch in the moring before my morning brew of kick in the teeth, knock down and drag you down the street coffee.

  5. I get so much pleasure from coming here, silence or not. Anyway, I cherish my own silence when I get it at home so I know how precious it is.

  6. i was always a very quiet person. i don't talk much. even as a child...maybe because i did not standa chance witha crazy family of nine children. ^-^
    your blog is alwyas a joy to visit, even if your posts are sometimes short. you always bring a smile on my face. i love to read your daily rambles about your family. evn your fridge sounds interesting. ^-^
    enjoy your day Anna xx

  7. For someone who is quiet on her blog .... 461 followers are liking it ? !
    So keep up the good work !
    Tomorrow I'll be going to the postoffice and send you some quiet moments .....
    Lots of hollandish fresh air for you !

  8. I never thought about the quiet here, like the others, I love popping in and seeing bits of what you have been up to - whether with photos and/or words. I am more of a photo person anyway, maybe because my house is seldom quiet. ;)

  9. Quiet is never a bad thing...and like Regina said...I never feel a quiet here...I think you say enough.
    You're a creator of things and we love seeing them all!

  10. lol you will know from my recent facebook status (I am Zoe on there) that my house is never quiet - oh how I dream of silence sometimes.

  11. I could have written this blog word for word. I just keep saying things like...."you know, sometimes it's ok to be quiet" or "Mommy needs some quiet time." :o) I found myself today saying that we need a day of the week where we unplug. The problem with that (I thought about later) is that they will then talk more! But in the end, I can't complain because they, like your husband says, is a product of me. And I would have it any other way. :o)

  12. Hi Anna,
    It's been a while, but I am so happy to be back catching up on reading your lovely blog ;). Are you still taking on "snail mail" friends....would love to exchange letters with you. I'm happy to see your shop open again--I need some tapes for a wee quilt I'm working on---see you over there! xoxo


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