Monday, 31 January 2011

The one where the husband is crazy

Mr. Lillalotta did it again. 
I suffered initially from shock, then the slightly mad
laughing and shaking my head.
I can not believe he gave me a new imac for my
birthday on Saturday.
I really needed it, true, but I got used to my old
imac being like an old lady, slightly tired, and
had to be pushed a bit to move along. 
The children are chuffed, they have now claimed
'her' as their own, and I have mine. 
I am going to be busy creating their computer 
corner, and they can leave me to my own.
No more wrestling for computer time!


  1. Just discovered your blog. Happy Birthday and congrats to this wonderful present that was very generous

  2. Happy belated Birthday. Hope you had a fab day. x

    What a fantastic present for Mr Lillalotta :0)

    Love the banner.

    Jill x

  3. Blessed news! <3 <3 <3 Happy for you~!

  4. oooh aaaah now we're Imac twins :D
    R is so sweet & smart, what a fab gift he found ! :)
    much love xoxo

  5. Aaaaah, wat een lieverd! Och mijn Macje begint nu na een aantal trouwe jaren zonder een probleem (tja, een Mac is een Mac he!) nu ook wat trager te worden....
    Ik ben in November jarig dus Maximan kan alvast gaan sparen ;-) Ik zal je post zo nu en dan eens open laten staan als hint hahaha....

    Fijne dag!

  6. WOW!!!! and I love your cup!!!

  7. you're lucky!;)
    ps. I'm sending you link to funny online sketch tool:) I love it!

    have a nice day!

  8. Wonderful present, wonderful husband! :) Enjoy it!!

  9. Happy Birthday, very nice present, wonderful husband, enjoy it!!!

  10. WOW, a new imac!!!!! What a sweet hubby you have! I love the picture you took with the cup bathed in light!

  11. Wonderful birthday gift, Anna! Enjoy! KarenS

  12. Gefeliciteerd! Wat leuk, weer een waterman ;-)
    Mooi kado heb je van mr. lillalotta gekregen, geniet ervan!

  13. What a deserving gift you received! Your husband is a wonderful guy, and I know that your new computer will be put to good use.

  14. awwwwww, what a great gift !
    A computer of your own... Wonderful !

    cheers, parsnip

  15. Glorious:) And happy belated birthday wishes. Proficiat:)

  16. Ik zie het helemaal voor me . Wat heerlijk om zo verrast te worden . Hij weet ook echt waar je blij van wordt .
    Bovendien is het een kado voor ons allemaal ....
    Ik ben benieuwd !

  17. Oh anna, that is such an awesome gift! Your hubby is sooo awesome. :) Are't we all lucky ladies to have loving husbands! Enjoy your new mac! HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet friend! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!

  18. Congratulations! What a great gift!


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