Thursday, 6 January 2011

A new year

Happy Belated New Year! 
I have been hibernating I suppose. Trying to wrap my head around my life.
This year is starting with trying to figure out why I suffer so much with 
extreme fatigue, feeling pointless, extreme hair loss and generally
being very lost within myself. It has been going on for so long, I can't
remember feeling 'normal'. I closed my shop and took a break thinking
I was just run down, but I have been getting more tired ever since.
  I am waiting for the results of a long
list of blood tests, which I hope will give me some answers. 

If I have been absent minded, late with emails and just not being with it,
I do apologize. With a bit of luck * fingers crossed* I will have some answers
soon and can perhaps pick up my life again. 

I am actually really excited about this year, and can't wait to get going,
here is to all the good stuff, and finding solutions.


  1. Lieve Anna,
    Wat heftig voor je! Ik hoop van harte dat de bloedonderzoeken wat duidelijkheid scheppen en dat het dit jaar beter met je zal gaan. Laat het voorjaarszonnetje ook maar weer snel gaan schijnen :-).

  2. I missed you!! I am so sorry though to hear about you being ''unwell''. I will keep my fingers crossed that you have the answer soon x

  3. Hi, Anna, Happy New Year! I'm so sorry about your healt problmes, prayng for you...
    I'm following you since few month and I love your creations...
    Take care and slow down. And, if you can, don't stop creating something: Aldo Carotenuto says one creative intuition by a day take the doctor away! :-)
    Crossing fingers with you...

  4. Hope you will find out and sort out about your health soon. Nothing feels worse than being lost within oneself and running on low battery. I will try to dig deeper into raw foods again to provide my body the nutrients and fuel it needs. Ah, and some sports maybe....

    Love to you.

  5. De beste wensen voor jou. Hopelijk voel je je snel weer wat beter. Ik herken het doelloze en ontheemde gevoel wel hoor maar dat wist je al. "Does the body rule the mind or does the mind rule the body" (uit een liedje van de Smiths als je die kent) Het is niet altijd duidelijk waar het allemaal vandaan komt!

  6. I hope you will feel better soon.

  7. first of all, Happy New Year my friend
    so sorry to read you've been feeling so unwell for so long now
    may the blood tests & doctors can find what you suffer from soon
    and find what you need to take for feeling better ASAP
    Thinking about you my friend oxoxo

  8. Oh Anna, so sorry, hopefully you just need some vitamins and lots of sunshine!:) your new header and those love birds are amazing. Have you seen the new group The Sketchbook Challenge? Seems right up your alley...come join!!

  9. Hi Anna:
    Thyroid issues, perhaps? I had mine removed when I was 17, but many people who share your symptoms - along with hair loss - suffer from one form or another of a wonky thyroid. Hope your tests reveal the culprit, and that there is relief around the corner for you.

  10. I lost a huge patch of hair and a lot more all around when I was diagnosed with thyroid problems. You are in my thoughts, Anna. Take good care of yourself.

  11. Ohhh I hope all is going well really soon!! Think of you.

  12. Aah, wat een schatjes! Je banner is ook erg mooi; zo lekker fris voor het nieuwe jaar :)

  13. Happy new year!

    I hope the tests will give you an answer and the posebility to mend. Crossing my fingers together with you.

    Love your new header by the way :-)

  14. Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. As a couple of other people mentioned above, it may be a thyroid issue. I had the same symptoms as you, plus more, including losing my eyelashes and it turned out to be hypothyroidism, among other things. Hope your doc can figure it out soon and get you feeling better! :)


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