Friday, 21 January 2011

Here, there, everywhere.

A bit of painting. A bit of laundry. A bit of coffee. 
A few orders. Some printing. Putting a cardigan on {brrr}
Sorting some fabric. Doodling in the big To-Do Book.
Thinking. Prepping dinner. 
Looking forward to the weekend.


  1. Dear Anna, our days seems to be so simmilar...
    Warm greetings to you!

    PS: the girl is beautiful.

  2. So many things to do! Have a lovely day accomplishing all, dear Anna!

  3. same here. replace painting with sewing and orders by costum projects. there we are. love you!

  4. Similar things here, here and there too! Have a nice weekend!

  5. het lijkt erop dat je weer terug bent !
    Klinkt weer als JIJ voor zover ik je "ken" dan natuurlijk . Ik moet nog steeds uitvinden hoe ik nou bij je kan bestellen want ik heb geen creditcard maar kan niet vinden of ik met Ideal kan betalen ......
    Terwijl ik zo graag bandjes wil bestellen .
    Ahum ... zoeken dus ...
    leuk vrolijk weekend gewenst

  6. Deux post si joyeux! J'en suis ereuse... ah! tes creations! :-)) Happy coffee (une vrais space-zen)...

  7. I went to a school PTA meeting this morning then went into the city with a friend to gossip about recipes.. run around looking at magazines and going to the chinese supermarket.

    I have a house to tidy a parcel to wrap up and some crafting to do. I wish this headache would go away though as I have had it all week. stupid virus go away. its cold today and I'm huddled by the fire about to make a coffee before I burst into a flurry of me...

  8. beautiful painting my friend!! those paints look familiar...tee hee!! do you like the subtle glittery effect they give? so rich and beautiful. Wishing you a beautiful weekend dear Anna.

    xx Rena

  9. A perfect Friday ~ hope your weekend is as good ~ but perhaps a little more relaxing ♥

  10. Dear Anna, look at that!
    Why don't you make numbers for Christmas calendar? With some of your beautiful watercolors... pleeeeease! :)

  11. gewoon weer prachtig!!!! xxx Sillie

  12. You sound like me ANNA! I feel like I go from one thing to another..........I guess it is those creative minds.

  13. Oh my gosh Anna - you paint as well? I was already in love with your ribbon! do you sell paintings/prints too?

  14. Thank you so much for your lovely comments! So much appreciated!!

    Abi, sadly no, I don't sell any prints or paintings anymore. But I do so love to paint!

  15. See why you inspire me!!???


Thanks ever so much for sharing your thoughts!