Monday, 25 October 2010

Nice and New ( kind of )

Rainy days are extremely good for getting on with it.
There is nothing like wrestling PhotoShop on a Monday afternoon, and have the 
children chat to me until my ears bleed.

Ooo creating new things out of old(er) ideas
such as a new banner and a refreshing new feel.
( 'new' is definitely my new key word )

I have been a good girl though, dedicated to the Christmas Swaps,
and creating lots of goodies. Although I have now run out of a
certain fabric and it will be good to visit our local fabric shop.

Thing is though. *argh* I can not show any of the things I have been making.
{ not until after Christmas anyways } 

Reminds me that I have to sent Santa my wish list, too.
What is on your Must-Have-List this year?



  1. I love that you dare to be different, and your blue apple is absolutely charming, fresh & whimsical ! (um, like you actually !)
    I haven't thought about my wishlist to say the truth ...

  2. as always I say "awww..."looking at your work...:)
    I wish I got new creative cushion covers for my sofa..:)and lots of white mugs, bowls, and other pottery to paint;)

  3. Hi Anna:
    I love your blue apple and the peek at your new header, too! You know what a fan I am of yours!
    Can't wait to see your unveiling...

  4. I think your apple is so clever.

  5. Oh, I just love your banner and the blue apple. how clever! Cute. Still putting together my wish list! xo

  6. I'm in love with your felt apple... are you going to use it as a brooch?

  7. I am in love with your blog! I thank Contemporary Embroidery for telling us about you.
    Not often do I scroll through old posts...but with yours I did. You have a gift for writing...and photography! Your watercolors are amazing too.

  8. Hi,
    I found You blog resently and I'm already in love with it. I wish that I don't have any wish list for this year. All kind of to-do lists make me some stress. I wish me stressless christmas.

    With best greetings from Estonia,

  9. I love that little apple! Oh well...both of them, the felt one and the one on the label!

  10. Blue seems to be your color long as that isn't your feeling too!;)

    Posted a little note to our daughter in the UK and added some of your fountain pen tape and the inspirational words tape...good stuff for a writer!;)

  11. nice :) I love the new banner.

  12. I think I am really in love with your blue apple. I'm not sure what's on my wish-list...hmmm...anything with paper and words and fabric and love. Yes, that's it!♥

  13. Dearest sweeet anna, i am loving your new look shop look!! It's truely nice to be different. :) I really adore rainy days and only wish it would rain here. The weather it's getting soo warm. That felt apple creation is soo adorable! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

    ps: i've been feeling sickly and have yet to recover 100%. i am working on our xmas swap as well. :)

  14. George Clooney. He's on my must have list every year - sad muppet that I am!! x

  15. oh, love your blue apple, like you said, being different is nice. it is what makes a person so unique. :) your new shop banner looks awfully sweet. i really need to make me a new one. but photoshop for me is like trying to read chinese,huh ?!
    need my daughter Anne to help me. Will try to coax her to help poor wee mommy. :(
    sending hugs
    monique xoxo

  16. oh forgot ! i asked Santa for one thing only . A new sewing machine ! hope iwas good enough to deserve one. ^-^

  17. The NEW banner and logo, they are all gorgeous!

  18. I love your new banner and blue apple. Good thing not everyone is the same :-)

  19. I love the blue apple!! I know your Christmas gifts will be amazing. I may make a couple of photo books for Christmas gifts as well.

  20. Well, I had to buy one of the things on my wish list (new sewing machine) as I couldn't trust anybody else (i.e. Mr. Tialys) to know exactly what I wanted. However, I do need a proper tripod for my camera and I'd like a coffee machine that takes the pods please Santa. (p.s. I've been good on and off) I've made my Photobox book for my Mum & Dad's Christmas gift and I'm so excited to see it when it arrives. x x


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