Thursday, 21 October 2010

Book Love

I could not have been happier when the Photo Book arrived this morning.
*gasp* Honestly, if you want to spoil yourself, do go to PhotoBox
and create a book full of your photos. You will not be disappointed.
The quality is beyond words! 

Sadly this book is not mine.*sniff* I had it made for my mother for Christmas.
{ good thing she doesn't have a computer.... }
I can see myself creating books here all the time 
{ as if I need another addiction }

..and if you do make a book, please please show us!
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  1. what a great idea for christmas *writes down to list*

  2. Excellent idea for a christmas pressie!!

  3. what a brilliant idea Anna!! your mom will certainly treasure it!! now, if only i could take photos as well as you do, i'd be set!!!!

  4. gorgeous, really must get my bum into gear and do one some time.

  5. Great idea for Christmas. I know some grandparents that would love this.

  6. Off to photobox I go! Thanks for sharing, it looks amazing... just - it will take ages for me to select photos :-)

  7. That's fantastic - what a great Xmas present idea.

    I'm off there now to have a look.
    Jill x

  8. That book loks amazing! Makes me wanto make one right now :))

  9. A friend of a friend ? made a hardbound book similar to yours but there was lots of text also. It was great but I think much more work ?
    This book of yours seem quicker and really darling !
    I will be checking this site out.
    Thanks for the great idea.

    cheers, parsnip

  10. this little book looks precious.....and i know your mother will think so too!!! and i LOVE your little sneak peek from your last good to see you "activated" again!!! have fun!! xoxox, :))

  11. What a wonderful idea - thank you for the link. My father would love a book full of his grandchildren.
    Warm wishes.

  12. album is so great!I'd love to have one or five at home;)

  13. What a lovely personal present!! Brilliant idea! So lovely xxx

  14. Eindelijk kan ik weer internetten . Mijn lieve oudste zoon Valentijn kwam gisteravond en heeft de verbinding hersteld . Wat was dat vervelend zeg .
    Ik ga dus straks eerst alles opnieuw lezen over jouw CHRISTMASTRADE . Wat ik moet doen . wat ik je moet laten weten . Wat ik jou moet vragen . Ik heb er zo'n zin in . Ben al bezig hoor !
    Vanaf dat ik het las loop ik te stralen !
    Groetjes Francis

  15. Ei Lilla...
    Tudo bem???
    Passei por aqui... amei tanto que vou te acompanhar.
    Venha mje visitar também:


  16. Great idea, might solve my perennial, 'what to get my mum & dad' problem this Christmas. Of course, all the photos will be of the girls (and animals) - none of me, don't want to frighten them!

  17. so cute that you folded up the pages in a heart shape!!!!


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