Thursday, 2 September 2010

Sister Stitching

[ Inger's Cushion. Love, Anna x]

Happy birthday to my sister Inger. I stitched this cushion together yesterday, and will be mailing it to her today * crossing my fingers it will make it in time* 

My children returned to school today, and the house is strangely quiet. I have been up since 5 o'clock and have been buzzing with energy, which is a bit odd since I barely slept last night 
*for whatever reason* 
I am back to being creative, and can't wait to jump into the insanity that is my life. 

Happy September!


  1. good morning my friend !
    what a gorgeous birthday gift ! your sister will adore it !!!
    ah, tell me about the quietness of our home
    P & U go to the same school this year
    September's going to be a very busy & creative month !! :D
    want a cup of coffee ? off to have one right now
    xoxox hugs

  2. this is so lovely. i can't wait to be back home and dig my fingers into fabric or paper or whatever comes across. love your stitching.

  3. Happy September and a lovely creative autumn to you too, Anna!

  4. Dear Anna, your feelings are normal, I remember my sadness when they began school on september, imagine you when they'll begin to be independent... uf! I love my children are independent but at first I were the saddest mum around the world!Calm arrive :-)

  5. Hi! I'm new in your blog. But I hope wil be a fan of it! Lovely things!
    I've a question... How do you do the tags with your name print for your works with fabrics? Do you use some machine for to print them?

    Thanks a lot... My mai for answer is

  6. Gorgeous pillow, love the colours....
    Happy Autumn to you, and Spring for me...
    I was digging in the vegie ptch today...ohhh, I love spring!!!

  7. Beautiful pillow, Anna! Enjoy your busy day! ~Kathy

  8. Beautiful pillow-I'm sure she'll love it :)

  9. Lovely pillow, it's going to be strange to have a quiet house for me too. Still, I can't wait to start sewing again...

  10. Happy september for you too ...
    I totaly understand the not sleeping before school started . Have that too !
    Love being busy and having less time because I do much more when my time is limited .
    Your sister will be so SURPRISED .... Wonderful loving gift ! Congratiolations !

  11. oh what a lovely pillow!!! you are so inspiring!

  12. Gorgeous little pillow! My kiddie go back tomorrow - the house will be far to quiet :-(

  13. Oooo - that's soooo pretty. I love it. I'm sure your sister will love and cherish it too.

    It must be quiet without the children around - plenty of 'creating' time.


  14. Your work is incredible as always, Anna! xxx

  15. What a great gift for a sister. I poked you with a award- see my blog. hope you play along


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