Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Its Oh So Quiet

I do apologise for my absence. 

I am on a bit of a roller coaster ride and am working flat out to finish all my orders. This collection of tapes was yesterdays efforts, took me 9 hours, and then I started wrapping and packing at 6 this morning. 

Today I will create the same amount ( hopefully more ) and repeat the wrapping and packing the next morning.

Yes you guessed it, tomorrow I will do the same amount again. 


I might be gone for another week + or so. But will resurface as soon as I can. 

Many many thanks to every one who visited my shop and placed an order!


  1. Oh Anna, you are so dedicated! Thank you for your hard work and I'm looking forward to the post for my order. :) xm

  2. Best to you, Anna! I have been thinking about you and yes, I've missed you! ♥Kathy

  3. phew!! I'm worn out just looking at them all!!

  4. they are great!maybe I'll try to make my own tape sometime..:) I love the writings! I'm wondering whether it is your own style of writing or you used patterns.

  5. Always, always a beautiful collection!

  6. hello

    i love your working, the tapes it`s beautiful.
    i want this tapes.

    i`m sorry but i wrinting very bad inglish. i`m portugues and live in PORTUGAL.
    i like your blog your family is wonderful.

    kiss cristiana

  7. You are a victim of your own success!! I made a bag for my granddaughter to house a quilt I had made for her and put a couple of your tapes onto it - they were much admired. I can see why you are moving on to other things but the tapes were inspired! Looking forward to receiving my final lot.

  8. hello, i've just discovered your delicious shop, and ordered a few things! it's soo lovely!

  9. your things have such a simple beauty -- i'm glad everyone loves them -- they should :) best, lynn-anne


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