Monday, 23 August 2010

Weekend Wonderland

Such a full weekend. I had to stand still and catch my breath a few times.
Finding a big stack of brand new fabrics in the mail can simply not be a bad start to any weekend. Had I not been so busy the next couple of days with finishing orders, I would have been stuck behind the sewing machine. Ah, we can dream, can't we. 


And out of the blue another package arrived from my friend Esther! My goodness. Fabulous books, cards, humongous letter, stickers and banner. Of course I fell off my chair. 
( Een hele lange super brief komt er aan in een pakketje Esther!)


And as it was such a hot-hot weekend we decided to drive into the Pyrenees mountains to have our lunch there, as you do *laughs* Trying to escape the 38+ degrees weather. We found a magical wood with huge trees, mushrooms everywhere to sit and snack. It was so good. Except for the fact I had to flick numerous spiders off my skirt, which they seemed to like *eeks*


We even climbed some hills.


On our way back home we stopped in Mirepoix for some massive macaroons. [ the little voice in my head told me we had to ] and severe dehydration might have had something to do with it. 
Interesting is that we stepped out of our [ air conditioned ] car, and it felt we walked into an oven. 

So we had to go to the gorge for a dip just before dinner. Sadly I don't have photos of that, since I was way too busy floating around on the water. 


  1. That certainly looks like a super wonderful weekend! The fabrics are lovely, and I love the postcards your friend sent you! So sweet na dthoughtful!

    And the macarons, of course look delicious... Oh la douce france! :o)


  2. Sounds like a magical day.... How nice to finish the day with a dip to cool off.

  3. The better French life! Dank voor het heerlijke inkijkje!

    En post is toch echt 1 van de heerlijkste dingen!

  4. Lovely goodies and it looks like you had a great weekend! :)

  5. oh what a fun and super nice weekend you had ! So happy you had such a fab time, my friend !!
    xoxoxo ^-^

  6. You're one lucky lady - I love the pic your friend sent you of the little girl in the pink dress.

    I really don't think it's fair of you to post photos of such fabulous looking cakes. They look amazing and so, so yummy.


  7. Anna:
    Your fabric is beautiful, and I love the pictures you've shared of your day in the mountains. I've heard about those macaroons, but have yet to try one. They're on my "To Do" list! ;-)
    Hope you have a wonderful and creative week.

  8. oooh la la, that fabric looks wonderful! Your weekend sounds lovely. (I've never had a macaroon, are they coconut?)

  9. Your weekend is something that could make my entire year! Sounds lovely.

  10. what a wonderful weekend!! All your pictures are so pretty and inspiring!

  11. Wauw . Dan is het Hollandse landschap andere koek ! Je bent gewoon een soort van altijd op vakantie ? Of zie ik dat nu te rooskleurig.
    Oh die stoffen allemaal .... zo mooi .... ik hou er ook van .En echte post ja dat gaat gelukkig nog steeds boven alles . Vooral die post die jij ontving . Heerlijk dat je ons laat meegenieten . Dank je wel .
    Ik ga eens uitzoeken hoe ik die prachtige bandjes van jou kan bestellen . Nou ja , bestellen lukt wel maar die manier van betalen moet ik uitzoeken .......
    Fijne week gewenst

  12. it sounds like you had all of the elements in place for the perfect weekend.....fabric, family.....and macarons!! life is so good....! xox, :))
    p.s. can't wait to see what you do with that gorgeous fabric! xo

  13. Fab photos and gorgeous fabric! My friend lives in the Pyrenees, it looks so gorgeous.

  14. It looks like a perfect weekend. :)
    Your fabrics are gorgeous!
    You have magical mountains around you.
    PS: Your doll is on her way to you.


  15. The picture of your son(?) on the hill looks like something out of the Sound of Music!! have just had holiday myself in Spain at 37+ degrees - thank God for air conditioned cars!!

  16. Lovely fabrics. Can't wait to se, what you'll make of them. Lovely pictures! I would like to taste the macaroons and bake some to.


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