Thursday, 12 August 2010


My name Anna & I run a little shop called LillaLotta.
Lost in the foothills of the Pyrenees in the South of France.
I am Swedish/Dutch.
Married to an englishman.
One day I hope to be a proper artist, but for now I am surrounded
by five children, and they all persist in calling me mam.
We are an eclectic gathering from Holland, Sweden, Ireland, Wales and England. 
In between the endless laundry I compulsively create.
I can talk hours about absolutely nothing.
I have never been around the World in 80 days.
I don't suffer from madness, I actually quite enjoy it.
Love is the most amazing thing, and so is chocolate.
I dream of sleeping.
Facial muscles make me smile.
I don't judge a book by it's cover, I read the bit on the back.
Why isn't 'phonetic' spelled phonetically?.
I want to win the lottery, but I never buy a ticket.
The world is my oyster [ but I am allergic  to shell fish ].
I don't question why the chicken crossed the road.


  1. Love your post crazy and beautiful :)

  2. you're post made me smile! Thanks for sharing your beautiful picture and your thoughts.

  3. Nice to meet you! :oD
    That's such a pretty picture by the way!
    (and an absolutely gorgeous blouse!)


  4. You are beautiful inside and out. ♥

  5. Everything would be so much easier if everybody would just say what they think and feel ...

  6. you are such a lovely lovely woman Anna!!

  7. Hahaaahaa! You just triggered my facial muscles! :D Beautiful photo too.. pretty!

  8. This is a kind of crazy, cute and charming! Love it! :)xm

  9. What a sweet list of geting-to-know-yous. I popped over here from Nerdy Owl's blog roll and i was a pleasure to be introduced so thoroughly.

    I find that I read the first paragraph and judge a book by that. I am also guilty of dreaming up all the things I will do when I win the lottery but never buying a ticket. I'm sure a psychotherapist could have a field day with that!!

    A pleasure to meet you.

  10. Oh, I have more to say. Sorry.

    1. Do you think anyone actually says "potahto"?


    2. If you go to your blog list in the design part of the blog, you can change your blogroll to only show the first 10 or so blogs and you like 'Show more' and instantly see the rest of them. Just a thought.

    Sorry for rambling when we've only just met. I'm a bit like that, actually. :)

  11. Me too, I want to win the lottery, but I never buy a ticket! And I am addicted to chocolate!

  12. Thanks so much to all who were so kind to leave me a comment!
    I always wonder if it will be okay to actually blog about what I think since it can be a bit too much at times :)

    And yes, Maxabella, I know quite a few people who say 'potahto' including mr.lillalotta ( him being english and all that....) And yes, we do make fun of it ( in the nicest way possible)

  13. i just love these tiny moments in time :-)
    I want to win lottery too - but never buy a ticket :-0
    Blog design can take time- once in a while I need to re-furnish too, but the new blogger designs is good to work with- good luck-

  14. you couldn't possibly get any more gorgeous, dear sweet anna!!! xox, :))

  15. Madness is never to be suffered - always enjoyed! Great photo - and BTW I have your music on my IPod - perfect holiday selection!

  16. Loved this and you made me laugh with the "I want to win the lottery, but I never buy a ticket", I do that too! :-)

  17. I just found you and this was so lovely to read about you! I want to win the lottery also but no I never buy a ticket!



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