Friday, 20 August 2010

tea power

I made lots of things this week. 
Lots of dinners, of course. A cake even. But most of all I made lots of tea. And I made myself 'find' some balance. It gives you wings, that. *smiles* 
[And I have finally started fiddling with ink and watercolour paints again. I do so love my new journals to play around in]

What did you make this week? If you like do leave a comment and a link to what you made, I would love to have a look and leave a comment on your blog!

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. She's the prettiest thing!I love fairies, I love tea, so what's there not to love about your pretty drawing.

    I started to finish (...) my third eye mandala yesterday. It is not completely done yet, because it is on 50x50sm paper, but getting there.

  2. oh my goodness Anna, this is beautiful. In comparison to this my makes are pants! i did manage to finish an order for 3 delicate and fragile pieces, you can see them here
    how I wish I could draw.....

  3. Lovely fairy! This week I've painted toooo much ;) Greetings!

  4. Thank god for tea!

    It's good to see you painting again...
    and finding your ballance!

    & have a lovely weekend!

    PS. I've been doing heaps of sewing this week, as well as some photography-experiments and I finally created myself a Twitter account!

  5. I made a new wristlet and clutch-I'll be posting them later...
    Love your new watercolour :)

  6. ziet er geweldig uit,mooie tekst!
    Ik maakte deze week (me) zorgen, lasagne, een tekening voor op mijn blog, een vilten vogel, een beetje ruzie, appeltaart,en een fiets tochtje..
    Fijn weekend en succes met je balans-zoektocht,zo te horen heb je het al een eind gevonden.. :)

  7. Hey! I love your picture! What kind of ink do you use? I noticed that my pen-ink pales when it's exposed on the sun..
    I reorganized and repainted my studio:D It was quite tough, especially organizing;) but I managed to do that alone:)
    have a great weekend!

  8. i love your tea balance book being!
    dear dear leggings, wings, teapot,
    & handwriting!
    like the fairytales ~ just right.

  9. Like the things you made this week! The drawing is wow!
    I bought something this week...and now I have the intention to make something...

    I would like a comment from you!

  10. hi there! the art is darling! i love the banner photo as well. i think we both have a thing for stripey tights! :)

    i'm always making something....this week i've been able to work a tad on a quilt. when school starts up i'll have a little more time to create.

    have a great weekend!

  11. Anna I love your new watercolor picture!
    I have been on vacation. When I arrived home I had the joy of opening my package of tape I had ordered from you! I love them. Your art work is amazing.

  12. What a beautiful pages!
    We´he foud a lot of mushrooms - now I´m cooking and drying them... :)

  13. it looks like you and your watercolors have had a fabulous reunion.....your illustrations and lettering always make my heart a very big way!!! enjoy more tea, cake, and creativity this weekend sweet friend!! xox, :))

  14. Beautiful work you've made this week! Thanks for sharing!
    Well, I am a mother of 4 little ones, so I made lots of things, including lots of dinners too and an ice-cream.
    About creating things, I finished a new hand knitted piece and began another one, but I didn't find the time to photograph them.
    Late in the evening, I put working my new swing machine: it will help me to materialize lots of ideas...

  15. Oohh I don't drink tea but so love coffee (but then can only cope with decaff :-) ). Love your little watercolour and pen girl - gorgeous.

    Not so much making here this week due to the kiddies taking over and too much blog reading :-)

  16. Lovely post as always, Anna.
    Well, I made lots of mess, that is for sure.... Happy creating! xm

  17. Your beautiful art makes me smile so much. It is utterly sweet and gorgeous!

  18. Hallo Anna , Wat een treffende tekening .
    Dat zal je heel blij gemaakt hebben .
    Voor mij weer een eerste week naar school , de klas , de kleuters , de ouders , collega's ....
    VOORAL VEEL na zes weken vakantie en zeeen van tijd voor mezelf .
    Wat ik gemaakt heb zijn meer MOMENTEN .
    Zo'n eerste week moet alles weer op de rails gezet . Wel weer heel bijzonder .
    Heerlijk dat je creativiteit weer stroomt !
    en dat je dat deelt met "ons"

  19. I haven't made it yet but I'm process of making my first Zine! Although it might take me a while to complete it as it's my first one I'm really pleased with how it's coming along so far. Will post it once it's done, but it might be some time before that happens :)
    PS - Ink is my absolute favorite, I use it in all my illustrations :)

  20. okay...i'm going to go make some tea. in such need of balance and perspective. thanks for an inspiring post. best to you.

  21. Love your style in watercolor painting! So glad to see you painting again!
    I've been making lots of jewelry this week, playing with art clay silver for my first time!

  22. What a wondefull tea fairy! I have tea flowers waiting to be made-only its way too hot here... I will be delighted to have your comment in my blog, however I am afraid it will be a challenge...

  23. Hi, Anna. I was working on a new series of photographs, "BOJA". I have uploaded a part for an upcoming groupsexhibition. Love your tea illustration. Must have a cup of tea right now:) Nog een prettige zondag gewenst!

  24. Heel erg mooi, aquarelleren is zo'n fijne bezigheid. Door veel ander werk doe ik het eigenlijk te weinig.
    grt, Helmi

  25. I made rainbow colored log cabins out of my fabric scrap bag on Thursday, and took time off making things to finish up an article for the next issue of Gifts and love up my niece and nephew.

    much love to you my sweet :)

  26. What sweet idea! Loving the drawing, the words are perfect!
    Have une bonne semaine, Anna. xx


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