Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Staying home

Grey and rainy day. 
Definitely staying home.

The post-woman surprised me with a wonderful package from Lori. 
A brand new blank water colour journal. Oh the joy. I want to fill
the pages today, and tomorrow ... until it is full.

Today is a good day! How is yours?


  1. I have missed SO much...WOW...an IPAD and a SMART Car!!!! Lucky lucky lady...it must have been like winning the lottery :-)
    Looking forward to seeing your new watercolour pad FULL with delights.
    Have a lovely day inside...I love rainy days.

  2. A day with a Lori Journal is a good day indeed! Could you please send me some cooling rain today? Please?!

  3. Hello from Italy!
    No rain here... unfortunately.
    We could do with a good cool-off!

    But today's a good day!
    I've been to the museum this morning, and now I'm diving into the studio to get some sewing done.

    Enjoy your day at home! Sometimes that's just the best place in the WORLD!

    pilli pilli

  4. i'm so happy that your journal arrived!!! now if i could just peek over your shoulder and watch you create your wonderful magic on all of those pages.....!! enjoy some quiet creative time inside today!!! big love to you.....xoxox, :))

  5. today's o.k so far-a few errands...but nothings more fun than a new watercolor journal!


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