Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Yes, I know, 
I have to get on with it. 
Honestly, I do. 
The kids were just browsing through stacks of paintings, and it made me ache that I never really sit and paint anymore. Not like 'that', anyways.

Today I shan't paint either. I have a list of orders to finish, and I MUST work on a selection of new cotton tapes. 
Better get the whip out, to get me going...


  1. In ieder geval laten ze je even iets zien en ervaren .... dat is toch ook al byzonder ...
    maarre ... hoe zit dit eigenlijk . Nederlands ? lees ik hierboven ?
    Succes met je opdrachten . Groet uit ( nu ) zonnig nederland

  2. Your tapes are amazing - I can't wait to see your new ones!

  3. your paintings are wonderful and i love your tapes...for me it is sooo hard to sit and do any art in the is sooo hot now and i am loonging for the fall to arrive.. ;)

  4. Stacks of paintings? Oooooh, I would love to sit and go through them, too! You are so talented. New tapes? Yippee!

  5. I am so in awe of your drawing and painting skills, i truly covet your artwork. When I win the lottery i am going to comission you to paint me a 4 foot long piece of art!

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  7. Your paintings are so beautiful!
    I believe you will find some time soon... but I know how hard is that (... and I have "only" 3 kids)...

  8. with such fabulous paintings as these, i can see why you miss it so much! i think it's one of the biggest problems of running a business.....why does it seem that finding time to actually create something is always at the bottom of the list?! i think we need more hours in the day.....and about a dozen more hands!! hugs, :)))


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