Friday, 13 August 2010

messing about

Don't mind me.
I am wrestling with blogger and changing lay outs and margins.
If it suddenly looks weird, it means I have thrown the computer
out the window

(added later)
I changed the margins, much better view ( I think?) and will be creating new illustrations
for side banner and for the header soon. 
I will wait until the children return to school in the first week of September. To be honest,
my head is not on straight, and it would be unfair to not spent it with my family. 

For now we will be enjoying the Summer, whilst we can!


  1. Echt heel grappig, ik herken dit Zo!Ondanks je computer een Fijn Weekend.

  2. What a beautiful blog you have!
    Have a great weekend!


  3. Maybe you should make a fabric 'computer-softie'. Throwing that out of the window costs near to nothing, and the effect is (almost) the same... PLUS! It's REUSABLE! :oD

    Good luck fidgeting about!
    (I always get very nervous about that!)

    pilli pilli

  4. ah I've been playing with my blog layout too (yesterday) Good luck with yours, I'm sure it's going to look awesome !
    big hugs xoxo

  5. Oeps ........
    Heel spannend !
    nu ben ik héél benieuwd . Wordt vast heel byzonder . Succes !

  6. hihi :D have fun searching;) and have a great weekend too:)

  7. Thank you so much for stopping by:)) Your comment warmd my heart...So now I'm dead tired an can go off to bed with a great feelin'

  8. make the most of your time with them, it's truly precious. It seems like only yesterday my two were little children and then today when I woke up they were all grown up and independent.

  9. Oh, Anna, I so much loved the old header! Couldn´t you have the old one at least for two hours a week? I loved the carpet looking like tiles and the soft colours...

    (and I am looking forward to all the new illustrations and changes, of course ;-)

    A smile from rainy Skåne,


  10. What a lovely place you've got here, so glad I found it thanks to the good old Flickr :) It's Sunday, it's raining and gray outside and I've got this funny feeling I might me spending a bit of time today with a nice cup of coffee or two browsing through your archives, I blame the weather :)

  11. Enjoy these wonderful
    Summer carefree days..
    Life is Beautiful:))

  12. Oh I found your blog recently, and I love it, have some fun with blogger, yes can give us some time to learn to work with it, eh!! have a beautiful week.


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