Saturday, 28 August 2010

Dana recently contacted me, and asked if I was interested in being interviewed about the question(s) of  finding balance between pursuing ambitions and being a mother. 
Of course I said yes, and I enjoyed answering the questions. After hitting the send button I wondered about how I had answered as my children had been in the room wrestling behind me and in front of me, and my brain functions had not been optimum :) Made me laugh. It was exactly about all the questions Dana asked me, the insanity of being a mother who has ambitions :) 

Anyways, if you would like to have a read and laugh at me/with me a bit, that would be wonderful!

Have a happy Weekend!


  1. Hallo Anna!

    I've just gotten back from the Leililaloo Blog and it was a real pleasure to read your interview, and to get a little more insight in how you manage to 'balance' life as an artist and life as a mom! I find that at times it's already difficult to find a good balance being 'on' and 'off'work , without even having kids, so I must say I really admire how you somehow manage to do it all!

    Thank you for sharing all these little wonderfuls about you and your family!
    & have a lovely weekend!
    Liefs, katrien.

  2. It was lovely to read and get to know a little bit about you Anna. How you answered the questions, are sometimes kind of funny which made me smile. Thank you. Have a lovely weekend! xm

  3. I loved reading your interview! You are so dedicated to your family and work. That it should be!

  4. Great interview with no indicator of wrestling between the children going on whilst you answered :-) I think creative businesses are fab for mums as the kids can get great inspiration from seeing a mum create. When my older 2 were young I started up a website business and that did create guilt as I just sat at the screen every night :-(

  5. What a great interview, it seems we all juggle / struggle with the same issues and challenges and somehow manage to keep it all together while wondering if we are getting any balance. Thanks for sharing your busy life with us. I admire you for getting any work done with your children around - this is where I always fail! x

  6. Great interview!! You work so hard every day ;)

  7. Supers!! en wat een moois heb je in je winkeltje, prachtige linten!! fijnfijnfijn!

  8. Als Elvis terug is van logeren kiezen we samen iets moois uit, kan ik fijn verwerken in een mooi jurkje voor haar!


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