Monday, 2 August 2010


A quiet pause.

Soaking up the Summer, before Autumn arrives. Filling the days with being together, keeping it simple. The days blend from one to the other too quickly. When did August arrive? I was still in July. 
Busy organising a lovely garden party this coming Sunday, celebrating three birthdays in the one go. Must bake a triple cake with the most wonderful fillings. 

I am already sad for the leaving of Summer. 


  1. I'm already sad for the leaving of Summer...too!!!!
    The good things go too fasts!!!

    I hope you enjoy your triple party.



  2. A party can be a PARTY when you enJOY all the preparations and let everyone share in all of that ....
    doing things together is also fun and full of JOY .
    "Delegate" is a magic word ......
    So HAVE FUN from the beginning till the HAPPY end ....

  3. Lovely photo & words. Hope the party goes well and have a fun!
    I actually love autumn season. not so cold or hot, food are lovely, colours turning on trees, sky is high... here in the UK, it's probably not as significant as it can be in Japan where I've grown up, plus we have a nice summer here not like sweaty humid one in Japan. But but still autumn is a good season to me. What's like in France? xm

  4. It's winter where I live at the moment ... I am eagerly awaiting spring!

  5. Happy Birthday to everyone! Enjoy!!!

  6. I am really sad for the leaving of summer, too, Anna. July went so quickly...I just can't get ready for fall yet, or even think about it.

  7. Beautiful words you spoke of summer leaving, Anna. Like you I feel sad because I so DREAD the arrival of September.. that month means a long cold winter is just behind the next door again... August is all about letting go… Letting go of color, warmth, all shades of green, light, giggling, water, infinitive blue skies , flowers, whites.

  8. Have a lovely birthday party! Scarily I also have three family members with birthdays this month! We are heading to the beach on Wednesday.

  9. i hope your triple cake turns out as beautifully as this photograph!! have fun!! xox, :))

  10. i have no idea where the summer went...
    just few months ago i was sowing seeds and now the signs of autumn is here.

    your cake sounds looovely!

  11. I feel the same way you do about the summer days going by so fast! Oh if it would only stay summer all year round I would be a very happy camper!
    I am excited to receive your ribbons in the mail that I ordered last week! Oh Happy Day it will be...........

  12. Oooo cake!! Looking forward to a picture of it!!!

  13. I know!! it too bad summer is getting towards her end..
    Love your quote!

  14. Me too.. :( Don't want to think about it to much. And I love your quote. Maybe I'm going to put it somewhere on my own wall too.


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