Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Pollen Goodness!

Nice nice nice! 
This morning the kind post-woman brought us a package with the most wonderful pair of trousers, handmade by Amanda. She made it for my littlest girl ( nearly 6) but my middle girl ran off in them.
Beautifully made, and the children love it! Thank you so much Amanda!

For some Pollen Goodness please click here.... 

  • I am terribly behind with lots of things I'm afraid. If you are expecting an email off me, I will [grovel] apologize. So sorry. This brain here fails on me every now and then. 
  • I must also remind myself to take some photos of my wacky husband, and how he has turned our bedroom into storage ( I am making him believe he is in my bad books, but he is not really ) A better explanation will follow shortly. 
  • For now we have a big barbecue  to organize for tomorrow. Lots of friends popping around. I am obsessed with getting simple paper lanterns to hang in the trees, as I am sure it will be an all-nighter, and this village goes seriously dark at night.
  • I will leave you with my favourite music website. It has just about any song you can think of... heaven (ly) Please let me know what song I mustmustmust listen to. I love getting to know new songs. 

But back to the madness, and cuddling the airconditioning unit ( which is my love at the moment! Chocolate is a close second..... ) 


  1. So lovely!!! With my wild girl I'd be afraid that the poor trousers would end up with holes in the knees. Seriously, we rarely have one without holes around here. Drives me crazy!

  2. Oh wow - they're fabulous, I love them.
    How cute would Violet look in a pair of those?

    Jill x

  3. I would like a pair!
    They look lovely and quite fun. I will click and see.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. those trousers are really lovely, they fit perfectly on your little girl.
    do listen to Agnes Jaoui 's CD, I think there is only one. she sings in spanish mostly, but you will love the songs, very summery. :)
    have fun at your BBQ !

  5. lovely pants!! I have to check out that Pollen Goodness place. Songs...I love "you and I" by Ingrid Michaelson, I sing it to my hubby to make him laugh, or at least smile....

  6. Wow, it must be hot ---chocolate second to the ari con! Beautiful pants btw! ♥

  7. can i borrow those pants;) very cute. keep cool.

  8. Thank you for showing off the pants!

    I now better go & sew some lovelies to add to my very little etsy shop....

    If only this baby would stop making me feel so tired & ill! At least there is a gorgeous package at the end of it all:)

    Thanks, Anna for spreading POLLEN..

  9. So so so lovely! What a great pair of trousers!!


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