Monday, 26 July 2010

p p ponder

It is one of those pondering myself to death days. It might be hormonal, it might even be the weather? Or is it my diet? I tend to speak in riddles when I am in one of 'those' moods. Can feel a gloomy head ache brewing right behind my eyes. 

It feels like I have been swimming upstream through mud for such a long time. I might make myself a New Year Resolution list in August. *starts scribbling*

Can only get better with a bit of positive thinking, right?
Nothing like creating even higher expectations of one self. 

At least Richard is coming / should be returning home again tonight. I can bug him with all my 'demons' [ he is very good like that ] 

My little girl just told me that I should stand on my head for a while, since a frown is just a smile, but then up side down...
such wisdom should never be ignored. 

*ponders on & stands on her head*


  1. maybe you are inbetween those cycles, too?
    i feel the same for months now! email me if you need/want to talk.

    btw are you on skype?

  2. Hallo Lilalotta,ik herken wat je schrijft helemaal,het zeurende zware hoofd, de gedachten wazig en ongericht, maar met een ondertoon van gepieker.
    Zolang je je verzet hiertegen lijkt het alleen maar erger te worden, als je denkt nou dan maar 'zo' (duurt altijd wel even voordat je dat punt bereikt)gaat het beter."gewoon" constateren dat het zo is en in een langzame versnelling de Dingen doen.
    Sterkte ermee, en er is weer een dag waarop je denkt; gaat wel goed zo..
    Groet Ingrid

  3. Good morning, Anna! I had one of those days on Friday....for whatever reason, I woke up and felt nothing but Gloom. I even asked, "What is my purpose and what is the meaning of my life?" Then, of course, I felt awful for even pondering THAT one. It did pass...Richard will help when he walks in the door! ♥

  4. Richard and the Quality Street chocolates will make you smile today!

  5. Your little girl is very smart! I like that idea!

  6. Hey there, I heard a great quote from a child... '..If you're feeling blue - paint yourself a different colour..'. Out of the mouths of babes and innocents...!!!


  7. most of the time I am my own worst enemy.. I dont mean to be but i get so stuck in the circles and spirals of my own fractured logic that I cant find my way out again and end up in a mess. Luckily there is chocolate and M to tell me I'm being silly and to listen when I need him to! I'm very lucky.


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