Friday, 9 July 2010


So many cups. Colourful garden, waiting for the dark to come, little lights every where. Such a lovely and warm evening. 

Neighbours walked by and chatted, children obviously tired had to rest themselves, too. 

But then the skies went very gloomy, and all around us was thunder and lightning, coming from the mountains, creating the most amazing light show.... So we had to move our BBQ. 
Every body running as the rains started, lifting tables, food and all the plates and cups. 

Sitting snug and protected under the church roof made the evening even better. A bit of rain and a lot of thunder was not going to spoil our evening. 

Thank you for the great evening, and meeting some wonderful new people was such a bonus!

This Weekend we are going to Barcelona, Spain, to watch the World Cup final!
( shopping for me, as I don't care much for football... :)
Wishing you a great weekend! 


  1. oh what an amazing night & party ! so happy you got to meet some wonderful people & neighbours !
    a question pops to my mind though ... you are Dutch & you are going to Spain to watch the World Cup Final Spain-Netherlands ?!!!! Are you suicidal ?! LOL oxoxo

  2. what a beautiful and magical night. sounds fantastic. will there be shopping on this trip?

  3. The lights are so beautiful! The perfect touch for the bbq party! I hope you will enjoy Barcelonathis weekend! It's an amazing city! And of course,

  4. Magical party Anna!

    Watching football in Barcelona? Better go shopping so no one knows about your Dutch roots :) Hup Holland Hup!

    I do not care about football at all but the finals I'm going to see just to be able to participate in some tals on Monday as I do not expect that there will be othe topics regardles who wins.

  5. talks of course and other, wrrr... Me and my typing mistakes!

  6. What a lovely night!! I love your lanterns...
    Enjoy Barcelona, it's being my dream for a few years to go there.

  7. Your photos capture the moods so beautifully. I love the soft glow of the lanterns and the stone walls...Enjoy your weekend, Anna. ooooh, I wish I could travel to Spain right now...!

  8. You've painted a picture of the perfect summer party, I feel inspired! As for the World Cup, my keyboard is dripping with envy ... have a wonderful time! :-)

  9. Beautiful photos
    What a charming summer party. I think some rain late in the evening makes it all the more special. Just a lovely time to sit and enjoy.
    Good Luck this weekend. How did you find tickets ?

    cheers, parsnip

  10. sparkly
    secret wings here.

  11. i love all of your twinkly little magical!!! have a fun weekend footballing(shopping) can probably guess who my little dutch boy is cheering on..... xox, :))

  12. Nothing like a BBQ to bring out the rain!

    WHat a devine evening you all must have had:)

  13. What a dream night and BBQ!

    We came home from Barcelona just two weeks ago. Love being there & want to go back soon.

    Bu there is no BBQ likes yours one there.

    Hope you are having fun!


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