Friday, 11 June 2010


Yesterday morning I got this sudden urge to sit and sew. I had to do it. I ignored all fears of not being able to do it, and voila! I am making my very first patchwork blanket! How addictive is this? I am already planning another two, and I have not even finished this one.... 
[ as if I need another addiction ]

I always assumed it was a lot of work, but in actual fact it is even more work than I thought. [ my respect for proper quilters has gone up by miles! ]
I can see this will lead to frantic shopping for just the 'right' fabrics.
[ but what a nice way to spent an afternoon eh ]

I have a very busy weekend coming up, there will be friends over to watch the World Cup football matches on the telly (urgh) and my mother is arriving on the Sunday, to stay with us for the Summer. There is evening Fetes to go to [ the children do demand this ] And I suppose I will have to plan to finish this blanket over the next week. [crosses fingers + hopeful expression ]

I will be watching some episodes of Larkrise with the kidlets in my bedroom and avoid the living room that will be filled with noisy men.

 I already have the pop corn.... 


By the way, 
'the' cabinet is not done yet either.... 
[story of my life ]

I am waiting for some old vintage knobs to arrive, and the post-woman is never as quick as I hope she would be. (call it misdirected positive thinking)
 [ frown ]
Here a wee corner of my battered cabinet and one of my favourite dolls from Kajsa. 
Brings a smile to my room. 



  1. When I moved here and didn't know what to do with myself I had quilting lessons, which went on for 5 years. It's all in the cutting and ironing you know!! All the beds in the house have quilts I've made and the next project will be some for outside to ward off the chilly evenings...if I ever get round to it!

  2. Oh you know I've not made a patchwork quilt before (aside from the odd mini scrap thing) but I am just about to finish making a baby quilt for my sisters first little one. I've enjoyed it immensely.

    So you have fun with yours!

  3. have a wonderful weekend, my friend. It'll be busy the next couple of days too :)
    the patchwork looks darling, so happy you're having so much fun with it !
    oxoxo many hugs

  4. That looks like fun.

    I dusted off my mum's (extremely old) sewing machine for the first time in over 10 years last week - I'd embroidered a Lavender Bag for my Fairytale Swap partner and needed to sew it together. I was so nervous, but I was so proud of what I'd created, I now want to make more. Plus, I've had loads of ideas for things to make for Violet. Perhaps I should ask for a new sewing machine for my birthday.

    Larkrise - I loved it. I'm a very big fan of quaint little BBC period dramas. Though nothing has yet compared to Pride & Prejudice.

    Have great fun this weekend.
    Jill x

  5. Very cool, I think it's great to follow your inner inspiration...go with your creative urges :)

  6. Patchwork is seriously addictive. There are so many beautiful fabrics in the world to play with. Have fun with it.

    The World Cup will be on in our house too. After our local Aussie Rules Football games no doubt. Football of one code or another will be compulsory. Kim :)

  7. I love your little red friend, he is so sweet.

    The fabrics in your patchwork are lovely and bright, have fun.

  8. You are so talented! I wish I could sew...
    I really like your blog, hope you don't mind me put a link to your blog on my mine...

  9. I permanently have the urge to sew and can testify to its addictiveness! As for the world cup......can't wait, I've got goose bumps already!!

  10. Talk of the World Cup is here at my house, too, in Western New York! Yay! Anna, you are so amazing and creative and innocent in your childlike urges in life! Your heart is as big as a lion's. You always make me smile. Enjoy your movie and children and weekend! ~K

  11. You have the 'Proper Quilter' mindset, Anna. That is, having ideas for two quilts (at least) beyond what you are currently making. It looks really pretty!

    So are you getting the 3rd season of Larkrise? I've only seen the first two, so far. Love it.

  12. Do not tell me anything about friends watching football! I invited some friends for birthday bbq tomorrow and the first question I got from some of them was whether they can watch football!!!1

  13. enjoy some qualitytime with your mum

  14. You have given me the prompt I need to get the sewing machine down from the loft (my mum gave it to me) and give it a go. All I need to do now is work out how to thread the thing up ! Football - pah - larkrise is far more interesting :-)

  15. Anna, i just got your postcard........ it's lovely thank you!!!!!!!!
    yes, patchwork can be addictive, right now i am just knitting:)

  16. Fabulous quilt anna! Quilting is definitely addictive! Welcome to the club ;o) Hugs, L xoxox


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