Thursday, 3 June 2010


[ delight ]
I received a package today! 
A whole stack of postcards!

Who would like to receive a postcard? 
I would love to receive one from you!
Leave me a comment [ & your email address ]
and I will scribble you a snail mail postcard 
from France...

I want to decorate my office room with
a string of cards from around the world

[  grin ]
Thanks so much!

[edit; many many thanks for all the 
comments and emails! So sorry for not
being able to take on more.
All cards will be mailed this coming
Monday, and thanks so much for joining
in! ]


  1. Am I allowed to join in?

    I hope so. Violet and I love receiving postcards from around the world. Are you going to be joining Postcrossing? It's great fun.

    Jill x

  2. ooooh can I get one too, even if I'm not very far from you ? :) I could send you one from here or from England in July.
    you have a big heart & great ideas, my friend. xoxo big hugs

  3. What a lovely idea, I would love to get a postcard from you!

  4. I will send you one from the US. Is that too far away? is my email.

  5. Can I, can I please? You already have my address :) I can prepare one with my illustration in exchange if you'd like.

  6. Oh what a super idea! You can mail me at followthewhitebunny[at] :)Yay!

  7. I would love to receive one of your postcards. you love to get one from Oklahoma? You will very soon.

  8. Ooohhhhh, Anna! this is soooo coool ! I want to send you one too ! You want the real thing, i mean a real postcard from Canada ? I will see if i can find one around here. this is so fun !

  9. Oh yes please!
    Count me in for a card from la bella italia!!!

    I love the 'old mail'.
    I still write quite a lot of postcards and letters, and frankly I'm not very good at keeping 'digital contact' with people far away.
    Writing by hand is so much more real...

    Anyway, I'm in!!!

  10. well you have started something here. I think you are going to be sticking a lot of stamps!! I would love a postcard from you, you know my e-mail. I am becoming more and more certain that ''rest'' isn't in your vocabulary!!

  11. oohh sounds fun, i can send you one from England - do you want a proper toursity one?

  12. Oh! i love snail mail.... i'll send you one:)
    from Portugal!

  13. Anna, I'm on vacation catching up on my blog reading, and my timing was clearly perfect! I would love to participate in your postcard swap!

  14. I collect postcards! And would love to exchange postcards with you! Please leave me your email address as well so I can send one to you from New York~

  15. Count me in, I will email you my address!!!
    Margaret B

  16. Yes please, I'll send you one from Tucson now and then Japan this fall when go to see my new Granddaughter !

  17. Yes please. I'm at
    My post card will come from my little part of Australia. Kim :)

  18. I'm not too far from you but I would like to get a postcard from you! :-)
    from Haute-Savoie


  19. I would love a postcard from France of the girl in the funky socks !! I will, in return send you one from sunny (right now but it's bound to change) Ireland. Send me your address. What a great idea. !!!!


  20. I'll send you one. I am in New Zealand, so it will be from f a r, f a r, away!!

  21. oh, i would love to take part on this :)
    my e-mail adress is arabela.stefania[at]