Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Interview: The Art Of Confusion

Please let me introduce you to Sandra of Art of Confusion, who was so kind to let me interview her. 
She has been blessed with having such a gentle and delicate touch, creating a wondrous atmosphere in every thing she creates. Always accompanied by her stunning lettering.

Please tell us a little about yourself, who you are and what you do? 

I’m a studied social worker living in germany. I was a “spare time artist” for long but I registered a trade more than three years ago. So now I’m an “official artist” including having a full time job.
I’m not married, 32 years old, no children but a cat. I love chocolate, cakes and books. Anything else you want to know? 

How do you express yourself creatively?
I do much kind of artworks. I’m not limited to only one way of expression. I use different materials and play around with nearly everything. I do calligraphy, collages, shrines or sew. The only thing I’m absolutely untalented in is painting. 
My art is marked by minimal color palettes. No crush of flashy colors will unsettle the view of the beholder. Furthermore I love the possibility to manipulate atmosphere by using random chosen lines of old books. I love the expression of single words. I tend to create a whiff of melancholy,whether massive or minimalist. That’s my way to express myself. 

Is your craft / art available online? 

Yes, I have my own online shop at The Art of Confusion

What is your personal favourite piece you have ever made? And why do you love it so much? 
Ooooooooh. You don’t really want me to decide about this. Phew. The problem with my own pieces is that I get bored about them pretty soon. But there are two shrines I really love to date. The one shrine I made a few years ago is called ‘jointly deep rooted’. I wanted to show the very deep attachment between two individuals. The couple has been ‘jointly deep-rooted’. The bodies melt into one root. 
The other shrine i made a few months ago and is called ‘ruins’. It includes a calligraphed quote of the german writer friedrich von schiller. 

Both of them were a tough job and not done in a few days. The ideas for those shrines were growing for a while. I think that’s why i still love them. 
Where do you find inspiration? 
I’m inspired by everything and nothing special. The ideas in my head are always at a forced rate and influenced by the material. First there is a photo, a wooden thing, a found object, a quote, a whimsical paper, nice fabric, an odd box or just a beautiful antique spool I’m staring at. After towing things from the one to the other side the idea grows. in the end there is a piece of art and I had no idea how it will turn out at the beginning. It’s magical how the single components find themselves when it’s about time for the perfect theme.

Could you share three artists with us, who you admire greatly?
Another hard decision… okay, let’s do it. 

First of all I absolutely adore the calligraphy of lisa engelbrecht. I don’t know anyone else who is able to play with fabrics and brushes more impressive than her.  

Lynn Whipple. I lovelovelove her art for many years now. And I still can’t get enough! 

Hanne Matthiesen  I’m a big fan since I saw the first piece of her art some years ago. 

Thanks so much again, Sandra!


  1. Lovely creations!!
    Anna, I hope you feel better soon :)

  2. oh, what a lovely interview ! Thank you very much for sharing (she is new to me). Off to visit more deeply. :) Hope you are feeling better today, my friend. xoxo hugs

  3. that was a very interesting interview, such talented artist. thanks for sharing Anna... i am very sad to read you are not doing well. i truly believe you have to take a little break and take care of yourself. your body is sending you messages, listen to it Anna.
    sending you lots of love,
    monique xoxoxo

  4. What a great interview and lovely pics!!!
    Anna, take care of yourself too, get rest sweetie!!
    Your blog looks so good!
    Margaret B

  5. Thanks so much for this interview!

  6. Sandra's creations are wonderful!
    i especially remember what she once gave to me in a yule parcel swap... a beautiful handmade journal.


  7. Wonderful interview. Thank you so much Anna, you always do a great job! Take care.

  8. What a lovely website she has! So soft and natural looking. I could spend money there and probably, in the fullness of time, will. Thanks for the interview. I loved the photographs and the style of the text.

  9. i enjoyed meeting sandra.....thanks for such a wonderful interview! i'm so sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well.....i hope that life settles down for you soon! sending you many "get well" hugs! xox, :))

  10. WOW!!!! WHat a cool artist, lovely work, cheers from New Zealand Marie

  11. Oh yes! LOVE her stuff...AND her favorite artists. Wish I read German...

  12. Dommage, j'aurai aimé recevoir une belle carte de tes chaussettes que j'adore... comme tout le reste découvert il y a peu...

  13. That's great for sharing ~~Thanks :)


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