Wednesday, 2 June 2010


I am a bit of a simpleton. I like uncomplicated. Simple and straightforward. I love the little things. I am so easily pleased. And grateful for so much. 

Thank you Rodi

Thank you great grandmother

Thank you to the little hands that picked 
the lovely pine cones

Thank you Lynn

Thank you Kayla for my mother's day 
flowers from the garden


  1. I've always believed that 'less is more' and have been a simple pleasures sort of girl myself, Anna. Thank you for sharing these precious, simple moments. Hope you are well today and get to sit down with tea and smile. ♥

  2. The little things in life are wonderful aren't they?
    Hope you're feeling well.
    Jill x

  3. Thanks for popping by my blog today!! Wow!! I love yours!! I'm definitely following!! : )

  4. i love the little things too!
    those little houses are so sweet!
    just this weekend i made a wish
    & carried around with me
    that little dandelion stem.

  5. i came over from manons blog, loved your little avatar. and your blog too, it is really very lovely.
    i am a simple person too, your first paragraph made me smile and nod my head yes. i also had five children, perhaps being gemini explains that!

  6. You are very welcome to your little house - I love it when I have friends with similar taste to me because it's so easy to find gifts for them (although much harder to part with them too!). Loving that vase with your Mothers' Day flowers in!!xox

  7. Anna - for some reason, I couldn't get this to post under "Mail." I'll send you a postcard! I'll have to shop for one, though, or make one, as they are few and far between here in Marysville!

    Please stop by my blog - there is something there for you!

    xo Erin

  8. Oh those little houses are so beautiful, where oh where have they come from?

    I only work in small scale with my embroidery, I am always drawn to the tiny things, I just appreciate the fact that it may be small, but the effort that goes into create such lovely objects.


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