Monday, 17 May 2010


Last Saturday in pictures

First I created 104 meters of illustrated cotton tapes

Then packaged them 

Enveloped and addressed them

and finally popped them into the mail

...and then passed out. 

*no, I don't have a photo of me being passed out. tsk *


  1. wow how busy were you...... I feel guilty that I had a fantastic quilty weekend away with friends...lovely tape.... I am still waiting to use the ones I brought from you but I often just get them out and admire them !!

  2. Wonderful blog post - it brought me into your world. I just love looking at your cotton tapes - I have some in my drawer here at home and I, too, love to hold them in my hands and just look at them!

  3. Oh my dear, you are wonder woman! Wow, great job, they look so pretty and you definitely deserve to pass out :)

  4. Phewweee! Gorgeous work as always, now rest!! (if only huh?)

  5. this is the second time I have tried to post this so here goes again, fingers crossed!! I admire and aspire to your success but by selling on a smaller scale i am aware of all the hard work necessary behind the scenes. Thankyou for showing this to others.
    and may I ask.....where do you get your packaging?

  6. i love your cotton tapes
    (so much!).
    hope you had
    sweet dreams
    as you were
    passed out
    all that
    dear beauty
    that just
    out of you.x

  7. SO much work.....but i can guarantee you that everyone who receives one of those envelopes filled with anna-sunshine will be absolutely thrilled!!! i get so excited about your sweet tapes, that my heart is beating a little faster just looking at the photos!! xox, :))

  8. Besides the fact your tapes are wonderful . . .
    that is the most fabulous mailbox ever !

    cheers, parsnip

  9. Your illustrations and cotton tapes are marvelous, but I especially love the lettered ones...

  10. OMG! How long it takes to make so many cotton tapes?

  11. Wow! I hope one of those envelopes were for me. I can't wait to get mine and will post it on the Zibbet ning forum for all to see then you will be even busier, hopefully!

  12. Wow! I'm tired just thinking of all that work. They're really beautiful though.

  13. Those are so beautiful! Where do you sell them?

  14. Thank you all for your lovely comments!
    Jessamyn, there is a link on my side bar to my shop :)

  15. these are precious and original.

  16. Your tapes are keepers would not be able to part with them....

  17. Love these tapes and love your blog! Will come back for more!


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