Sunday, 16 May 2010

Happy Mail

This Saturday was not much fun, I had to work through a monster amount of orders, and was literally 'at' it from 8 in the morning, until 8 at night.... 

But then the post-woman brought some joy!

My dear friend Rena sent me a surprise care package. Mmm. Coffee and lovely bath salts! One of my favourite magazines and a stack of fabulous moda fabric squares.

I am already pondering what to make out of the fabrics. Do stay tuned! 

Thank you so much Rena. You made my day infinitely better! x


  1. I love receiving mails too! These package is sooo lovely! I adore these gorgeous fabrics and somerset studio! Have a lovely merry happy sunday! Love to you!

  2. Hope your weekend gets better, But then everything is better with pressies!
    What a wonderful gift to get, I'm jealous:)

  3. Wow! What a colorful happy collection of fun from your friend!! That fabric is gorgeous...

  4. I am sooo happy it made it safely to your doorstep!! Last year when I sent the package to you and it never made it, made me a bit nervous.

    Anna, you are so loved, and so very welcome!!

  5. such a gorgeous package to receive, I especially love the fabric and am off to google 'moda' right now!

  6. Your blog is whimsical and wonderful. Your photography is incredible. I am so glad to find your blog all the way in France, and I am in Henderson, Nevada!

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