Monday, 3 May 2010

Be Inspired

My last sewing project is proof that I have a couple of loose stitches. 
I just could not make up my mind what to do, so I kind of did it all. 
I did the hand stitching and the machine stitching. And even the fabric
wasn't safe. I started off with thick wool felt, and hand embroidery,
and for the first time in my life I did some patchwork 
( if that is what it's called?)  for the roof and the bottom. 
[ and it turned out to be quite big, as in BIG] 

The Bird Cage was made for my mother, as a surprise birthday gift 
[she has no computer or internet, so it's okay :)]
I wanted to somehow let her know that the empty bird cage was her 
giving me wings when I was little. And to believe in myself, even when
I didn't myself. [ I know, I know, I am such a cliche }

I hope she will like it. 

Wishing you an Inspirational week! 


  1. That is a very pretty bird cage... and such a sweet & special message behind it!

    LOVE IT!!!

    ((HUGS)) & Have a lovely week too!

  2. I think sometimes the best work people produce is when they don't quite know what they are doing. I did that with the mini quilt. Hadn't a clue what I was doing as I had no design, or gave no thought to the process. It was natural but in the end it sort of worked out. I didn't find myself getting stressed if it didn't work out the way I wanted too,....because I had no idea what I was aiming for.

    I love it, and you should do more things like that. I know I am.

  3. It is so wonderful and meaningful. Great work! And yes, great patchwork. it's easy, isn't it?

  4. great sewing Anna and it's definitely patchwork,a beautiful gift.

  5. Ooh! Lovely bird cage!!It's so cute, I love it :)

  6. This is a lovely twist on your felt houses! Your mum's going to love it. I particularly like the way you've done the bars of the cage. A great start for your patchwork too but, watch out, I warn you it's addictive. x

  7. This was so lovingly made, and it shows. Just beautiful, Anna. Wow.

  8. so lovely, a good project!

  9. Oh Anna I love the patchwork you have done!! easy, and a great way to use scraps!!! Really beautiful!!!

  10. I love it, very inspiring.....message in a bird house! Your Mom will love it! I just love hand made creations, they are much more interesting and meaningful!
    Margaret B

  11. Very beautiful Anna! It was a good inspiration and a lovely gift!

  12. I'm sure she will love it! is just wonderful, and the colors are very lovely and inspiring :)
    wishing you lovely week too :)

  13. gorgeous! your mum will love love love it. Love the way you have photographed it too with green as a background to the pink - gorgeous colour combo.

  14. I feel like hugging this bird house! I'm sure you'll mom will love it! As always, your details are so beautiful and unexpected, like the red felt on the bottom peeking from under the patchwork.

  15. Beautiful in design and sentiment!

    Beware, patchwork is addictive :)

  16. This is the cutest, Anna! I wrote about the "garden gate" on your flickr, but OF COURSE, it is a bird cage......I see that now ; ). Your mom is going to love this~~lovely, lovely idea~~

  17. Hi Anna,

    I just found my way to your beautiful blog via flickr (please do not ask how it took me this long as we´ve been "contacts" for ages) and I am loving everything here! The bird cage is adorable!

    I am now off to read your earlier posts...

    Happy greetings from Finland!


  18. oh my KNOW i'm crazy over all of your designs....but this one is especially delicious!!! your mother will LOVE it....and she'll love knowing that you made it for her with such a wonderful story in mind to go with it! xox, :)))

  19. It's totally gorgious and I'm sure your mother will love it!

    Anna normally I'm a bit of a lurker, but I wanted to let you know I think you truly are an inspirational and creative woman, I love your work and admire the way you combine your talents as an illustrator/painter with your crafting skills.

    Because of that I like to give you the sunshine-award. More information about it you can find on my personal blog.

  20. You are such a role model as a mother of a large family and as an artist. Truelly gifted! This latest project is simply beautiful.

    Just getting back on my feet (with Etsy) after surviving our first year and winter in France! It is getting better every day but has not been easy. Love all your handmade tape!

  21. I absolutely love your bird cage. Your mom will love it I'm sure.

  22. J'adore!!!
    Je craque pour vos rubans...


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