Thursday, 29 April 2010

Precious moments

So she was having a tim-burton-moment. 
My middle child. Slightly mad of course. 
And we could not stop laughing as she was pulling
some seriously scary faces.
Her angry one is even funnier,
since it is impossible for her to get
rid of the 'sunshine' in her eyes. 
Love you Kayleigh x

Do you, or your children ever have 
Or is it just us?
*getting worried*


  1. Don't get worried, my two year old daughter can produce the most fantastical scowl - very, very frightening indeed (though I must admit that when she does one I have to turn my back on her and chuckle to myself).

  2. oh, not those, but thousand other face. really, sometimes I think my kids are masters of facial expressions. the boy is so funny and my daughter has a huge variety of angry faces :-)

  3. it's part and parr....comes with the territory!

    tim burton, jim name it....they do it!

    she's a cutie...and I think girls in particular have a special talent in this department...I have a son and a daughter...and when I compare 'faces'...the girl is More Tim than ever! lol

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    come by if you haven't already!

    Creative Carmelina

    ciao bella

  4. What is a Tim Burton moment? I love his movies and would love to have my very own Tim Burton show composed by Tim Burton moments? Do they come arpund a sertain age?

  5. My grandson at the tender age of 3 has it down to perfection. You want to laugh but he gets so cross if you do. Bless, children really are priceless.

  6. It's always a real pleasure to read your comments on my blog !! Thank you so much sweetie !!
    I think even a baby can have Tim Burton moment ahahahah ! and I still have some Tim Burton moments too !
    I love your daughter's face ! She's like a princess ;-) Smmoches from Belgium

  7. my daughter is pretty much always clowning around. sometimes i'll be giggling at her and she'll be like, "why are u staring?"
    but i can't tell her "because you look so odd."
    though, i want to. : }

  8. oh yes my middle one does - do you think it is middle child syndrome lol. I will have to post a piccy of my middle ones tantrum face soon - I took one the other day as like you I had to giggle and then take a photo :-)

  9. Unfortunately, I have a Tim Burton moment every time I have a photograph taken!

  10. A precious moment indeed..
    treasure her even more when
    she is having tim-burton-moments..
    merci for your kind *visit*

  11. Oooooo......Anna, I have a Kayleigh, too! My only daughter, graduating from university next Sunday. When I named her, it was a shortened version of my name (Kathy) added to my husband's middle name (Lee). I had never heard the name (being from Lousiana), but in the years following heard it more, but never spelled this way.

    Lovely connection~~

  12. My Daughter isn't old enough yet but see as we do that with our friends I wouldn't doubt that we will do it ith Anastasia at some point too LOL ^_~


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