Thursday, 8 April 2010

Looking in....

[watercolourpainting of  luka]

I have stacks of art journals, mix media books and even more folders. Filled with scribbles, poems, drawings and paintings. I have always used my pens and paints to speak. 
Living life in my little paint boxes. 

And it makes me sad that I have never felt safe enough to share these thoughts, these images and words. 

So they sit and gather dust, in attics and boxes. 

What do you have gathering dust in forgotten boxes, that you would love to share?
I would love to have a look.... *hint* --->leave a link with your comment....

This blogging thing is brilliant by the way. It has somehow focused me. Who would have thought! I am buzzing with inspiration, and my to-do list actually looks exciting again. 

The only bad thing is that I now spent too much time reading through blogs 

... since the children will be off school for the next two weeks, and I will do my amazing impression of the headless chicken once again. 


  1. just take them out... we will love them:) But mostly, you MUST!

  2. I understand your feelings
    it's like all the photo albums we never open
    and that gather dust on the shelves

    you should bring them downstairs
    on a reacheble shelf, or at your eyes' reach
    or maybe you could display on (rotating with others) on a book holder thingie (you know, like for holding a recipe book) or a painting easel (not sure this is the word for what I mean)
    anyway, I think they should be shared with your family :) and visitors

  3. Ah I would love to see what you have stashed away but I completely understand if you don't.

    I have about 15 years of poems and journals in my loft. I got them out not so long ago and cringed at some of the stuff I have written! I wont even let my boyfriend read any of it. I'm pretty sure he doesn't want to know about my teenage 'love crushes'! Haha


  4. Thanks for your comments Z and Sonia :)

    Oh Penny, you now have made me so curious. Go on. Get some of your journals out! Share some of your poems ...... [please]

  5. I have a box sitting on my table since we have moved house in november(2009)with dairy material from art-school(20 years ago, OMG!!)I was planning on scanning some images and post them, BUT....I am still not to sure if i am ready to share them with the whole world. I guess i'll leave them sitting there a bit more, until i am a bit more ready.

    You go first :))

  6. Blogging is brilliant and shows how many talented, brave and honest people there are out there. Your work is so clever and I am deeply envious! Get those books and boxes out. Immediately!

  7. I agree, get them out! We want to see! :)
    Blogging is helping me to see that I too have a voice. I too express myself artistically and and that we are blessed to have found ourselves surrounded by those that feel the same way, treading carefully, balancing between the mundane and the sublime, cheering each other on in true sisterhood... we are NOT ALONE!

  8. Annax!!!! I'm just surprised that you got a new blog address! hoooraaayy! I have changed your blog address in my blog list! :D GOSH, I MISS YOU BADLY!!!! * hugs hugs hugs * You know what, I kept trying to comment on your old blog but it always didn't work.

    So happy that we can communicate with each other again! I can't wait to see more wonderful beautiful drawings / paintings from you! <3 <3 <3

    congratz on your huge success about ribbons! *dances and celebrates*

    much love! xoxo

  9. Isn't blogging addictive - I so love to look at all these inspirational blogs but like you say I should really be doing some of the inspirational things - hhhhmm just 5 more mins reading .... :-)

  10. I prefer to keep things hidden away because then, when I find them, I am always so excited!

  11. I remember being round at yours and you got out some of your work and looked through it with me. It's a shame it's hidden away but you would probably need a gallery to display it all! I have loads of photographs everywhere. I used to be really good, when the girls were very young, and put everything in albums. Then, as they got a bit older, I slung them in boxes and didn't file them(the photos not the girls). What happens though is, every now and again, somebody comes across one of the albums and we ooh and aah about how cute we all were when we were tiny and what happened to that dog or that cat and where did the time go? Great fun!
    By the way, this blogging business is all very well but it has just cost me money! I saw Junker Jane's blog mentioned here, went and had a look, went to her Etsy shop, found to my amazement she was actually selling some dolls that weren't already reserved, and bought one! It's a voodoo doll so be nice to me! x

  12. Your work is absolutely beautiful! I truly appreciate the fact that your artwork is put away in boxes and drawers (mine too) but your art is far too inspiring to keep to yourself.
    We want to see more - more - more! (I am asking nicely, not at all demanding.)

  13. What a wonderful little painting!

  14. No reason why you should keep your art hidden away anymore. Time for some spring cleaning and showing, don't you think? :-)

  15. I like this drawing a lot. It reminds me of a poster I saw in Poland in the last year before moving to the Netherlands. These posters were hanging on almost all bus stops. It was a picture of a boy behind a glass. He was trying to communicate but he could not.. he was autistic. I don't know whether you like this comparison, but that poster was very appealing and thanks to it I heard about autism.

  16. I truly love your art, so ... love it

    And I truly wonder how you have 5 childrend and still do such wonderful work and all, I too run around like a crazy headless chicken with way too many ideas in my brain... and taking sort of care of only 2 kids, so five, oh my and also an artist, that is just wonderful, anything you show the world will be a delight My best, hope to get some of your superb cotton tape soon for my creations...


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