Friday, 23 April 2010

La Pomme

I have been stitching this last week. Some here, and some there. 
These are the little bits I have done, and I am almost finished with a larger
stitching project. Having the children home for two weeks is slowing me down,
but I have gotten so much done in the home though (pats herself on back) 
These hoops are tiny, and it is nice to be done [relatively] quickly.
[ unlike most of my mad projects ]
More to follow as I have another stack of smaller hoops. 
I will see if I can squeeze them in. 

Happy Weekend!


  1. omg, will they be for sale ?
    they're sooooo beautiful, my friend !
    have a wonderful Friday ! oxoxoxo

  2. You come up with the most wonderful ideas!! They look lovely!

  3. Lovely and different! I like them :-)

  4. Good to see you have done some stitching! These are so cute and decorative. I like the idea of having multiple small hoops with different images as wall art. :)

  5. These beautiful apples will definitely keep the doctor away ;-)

  6. Very nice. I especially like the house one. Although they are all lovely. Can't wait to see more.
    Happy weekend x

  7. so lovely! thank you for the hoop you sent to me with the nest. it arrived yesterday and made my day! let's see what I will make of it. snailmail is just wonderful. thank you again. you indeed made me smile!

  8. These little hoops are great for a quick craft fix aren't they? Loving those apples!

  9. these are so lovely Anna ! and tiny projects is fun to make. I can't wait to see your finished projects in your shop. Don't mind the neglected home cleaning, creating and having fun comes first ;)

  10. Anna, your apples are delectable and so inspired!
    The kids will be back in school soon? :)
    You are amazing...
    dikke knuffel,

  11. They are so sweet and adorable! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to yoU!

  12. These are so sweet, very nice, and so good you get these done with your children around. Wow i don't think, (i know!) i would be able to do that...

  13. love, love, love. So very springy. Small hoops are perfect for fast and cute projects. I hope you had a good week end.


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