Tuesday, 6 April 2010


I have always thought that painting and inking is a form of 
therapy for me. Especially inking my trees. For hours I will sit and
let the pen move on the paper. Being very still. Like an 
ocean of calm surrounds me (even when the children
are doing yet another boogie-woogie right next to me)

This is a page for my 'Back to The Stars' Journal
I will be adding more lettering a bit later. 
Another page has been calling my name, and of course
I must listen to the little 'voices' 

What calms and centers you?
No matter what is going on around you....


  1. amazing, fabulous and beautiful art. What calms and centres me, a piece of cloth in my hand.

  2. Very beautiful... an I can see how drawing can be calming! I used to make drawings of birds or animals which I then filled in completely with intricate little mosaic paternss. Sitting there, as you said, for hours, while the world outside just simply disappeared.
    A Wonderful Feeling!
    Enjoy it!!


  3. it's so so good to see you paint again, you're so good at it. And your trees are the most beautiful. And the shadows/light on faces too ... oh well, I think I missed your paintings tons !
    (oh, btw, thanks for your visit, but in the meantime, I was modifying the blog post LOL)
    must email you soon. oxoxo hugs

  4. I'm not very good at drawing so it can be pretty stressful for me to create my appliqué designs... However knitting is the best kind of meditation for me. I need to take on a new project soon!

  5. just by seeing beautiful drawings like yours and listening to music calms me and if that does not work e just go out and look at the sky.


  6. Loving that picture! I find any find of art calming really, cross stitch in particular is good as you have to concentrate whilst doing it so tend to shut everything else out for a little peaceful while :-) Calming music is also fab too.

  7. if it weren't for crafting/sewing/quilting/scrapbooking...I would have not made it this far. Creativity is essential to my life. It calms me. It centers me. It gets my mind off my worries.

  8. Such an intriguing and lovely piece, Anna. I love the quiet serenity of drawing, too. I am trying to find that feeling with painting, which I have practiced much less. I think I'm getting there ; ). But, yes, like some of the others, music is the calming thing for me---that and reading a really good book~~thanks for sharing your journal and I can't wait to see what next comes of your *listening* ~ : )

  9. I love seeing passion in others be it drawing, sewing, knitting, gardening......Baking is my passion and it most definitely calms and centers me :-)

  10. Lovely to meet you.

    Big kiss from the Netherlands

    PS. Art centers me!

  11. I love your paintings! I also like the moment of filling the pictures with colours, mixing them..It makes me calm. Looking at art,interiors and nature,listening to the music. It all inspires me and when I'm inspired I feel centered.
    Did I mention I love your pictures?;)
    really great blog!
    take care

  12. Wow. I love your work. {Journaling calms me.}

  13. with entries as beautiful as this one, your journal must be absolutely gorgeous!! and, of course, i always have such a soft spot for your lettering.....xox, :))

  14. Your art is amazing! I love your iullutsrations lots. Thanks so much for sharing pages of your journal with us! Sewing and dooling clams me down. :) Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  15. Stitching...the soothing repetition of feeling the needle push through the layers of fabric and the thread tightening- keeping everything in place...
    Imagine how my heart skipped a beat this morning when I recognized your little can in my Followers mosaic! Your cotton tape has been on my wish-list for too long! Thank you so much, I am overwhelmed.
    Looking forward to getting to know each other,
    Valentina from Cyprus

  16. Jeez, you are talented.

    I'm a yoga and meditation girl for my calm place. My house of crazy autism completely burns me out sometimes so I need to zone out, even if it is just an hour twice a week!


  17. A glass of wine. I know, I know, it had to be me to be the first one to say it! x

  18. I'm impressed. Beautiful. Knowing how to draw is such a gift.

  19. It's beautiful!!!
    En mag ik zeggen dat ik zoooo blij bent dat je van die 'mac' blog af bent. Dat duurde zo enorm lang altijd voor die opende. Dus super!!

  20. Hello, this tree inspired girl is just stunning! I love how your art calms you, with 5 children, a Mom's heart and mind is always in thought! So your art is wonnnnnnnderful, love your birdies too! Just terrific!
    From Patti in WI, USA


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