Thursday, 18 March 2010

With Much Love

After nine months + 10 days
and 38 hours of hard work
you came into my life, in Dublin, Eire. 
My first child.
Today you are 14 years old.

You are such a joy, and I am
so glad to know you.

Happy Birthday Danika!


  1. What a pretty, pretty name! Happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! She has the loveliest smile!

  3. Thank you so much, Rodi!
    Oh and I received your lovely package yesterday!
    I simply love it, and thank you ever so much for the extra wee house.
    My children might be demanding to have them, and create a little village with little people :)

  4. Happy Birthday to Danika! I love that name!

  5. Thank you Christy... The eating of cakes will be happening soon :)

  6. Oh, it took long enough to reach you considering it didn't have to travel that far :(
    But I'm so happy you liked it!!

  7. 14. when did that happen? happy birthday!!!

  8. I know, isn't it shocking Ramona. You must have the same with your children. I remember being pregnant with her. It certainly does not feel that was 14 years ago (!!) x

  9. Happy Birthday to the Party girl!

    (And as they do in holland: Congratulations to mom! ... isn't it the sweetest thing that they congratulate the whole family when a child has its birthday?!)

    Light up the candles on the cake!

  10. Oh yes, they do in Holland. It is always such a large family gathering, and the congratulating goes round and round each time a new person comes in (It is very sweet, and I really miss it)

    ((thank you for your comment!))

  11. Happy Birthday to you beautiful daughter! I hope you all have a lovely day today filled with happiness and cake!

  12. aww happpppy birthday Danika ! It may be a tormented age, but being 14 is such a sweet moment in a girl's life.
    happy birth day, mama too ! Danika was the first of a gorgeous family !
    sending you tons of hugs oxoxox

  13. oh, happy birthday Danika, such a beautiful young woman. enjoy your day with mommy and the whole family !

  14. Best birthday wishes to your lovely grown-up daughter! I hope she's having a wonderful day today!

  15. Congrats Anna! My girl was also 10 days too late :)

    I also like the Dutch tradition of congratulating to whole family, though it was for me a bit weird on the begining.

    Happy Birthday to Danika!

  16. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter! And happy birthday to you too.

  17. Happy birtday sweet Danika! Your name is really beautiful, mine is Dana :))

  18. anna, you are on etsy's front page ! i know it is late where you are, but here it is almost dinner time and i saw ! congrats !

  19. happy birthday, happy life to your very sweet and beautiful danika!!! :))

    p.s. i'm married to a little dutch boy, and it's tradition in his family to congratulate the mother i'm sending YOU many hugs and congrats on the birth of your gorgeous daughter!!!! xox, :))


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